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AEP Energy

Business Phone: 866-258-3782
Residential Phone: 866-258-3782
Website: https://www.aepenergy.com/

About AEP Energy

AEP Energy is a competitive retail electricity and natural gas supply provider operating in Delaware, Washington D.C, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Not to be confused with AEP's subsidiaries that operate as utilities AEP Texas and AEP Ohio.

AEP Energy Rates and Plans

Ambit Energy

Business Phone: 877-282-6248
Residential Phone: 877-282-6248
Website: https://www.ambitenergy.com/

About Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy was founded in 2006 by two Dallas, Texas entrepreneurs. Since then Ambit has expanded to sell energy plans in 16 states and Washington D.C.

Ambit Energy Rates and Plans

Amigo Energy

Business Phone: 888-959-9299
Residential Phone: 888-959-9299
Website: https://www.amigoenergy.com/
Email: customersupport@amigoenergy.com


Business Phone: 877-544-4857
Residential Phone: 877-544-4857
Website: https://www.apge.com
Email: customer@apge.com

About APG&E

Founded in Houston, Texas in 2004, APG&E serves residential, small commercial and large commercial customers. They have customers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Texas.

APG&E Rates and Plans

ATG Clean Energy

Business Phone: 888-311-7175
Residential Phone: 888-311-7175
Website: https://atgcleanenergy.com/
Email: Customercare@atgcleanenergy.com

About ATG Clean Energy

ATG Clean Energy Rates and Plans

Brilliant Energy

Business Phone: (877) 789-8801
Residential Phone: (877) 789-8801
Email: sales@brilliantenergy.com

About Brilliant Energy

Founded in 2007, Brilliant Energy is a Houston-based retail electricity provider who has serves residential customers in Texas.

Brilliant Energy Rates and Plans

Browns Energy

Business Phone: 855-276-9673
Residential Phone:
Website: https://brownsenergy.com/
Email: sales@brownsfuel.com

Bulb Energy

Business Phone: 833-439-2852
Residential Phone: 833-439-2852
Website: https://www.bulb.com/
Email: hello.texas@bulb.com

Calpine Energy

Business Phone: 877-273-6772
Residential Phone: 877-273-6772
Website: https://www.calpinesolutions.com/
Email: customerservice@calpinesolutions.com

About Calpine Energy

alpine Energy Solutions, LLC., is a subsidiary of Calpine Corporation, a large energy generation company. They offer business services in all deregulated states.

Calpine Energy Rates and Plans

Champion Energy

Business Phone: 877-653-5090
Residential Phone: 877-653-5090
Website: https://www.championenergyservices.com
Email: info@championenergyservices.com

About Champion Energy

Champion Energy currently serves residential and commercial customers in Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Maine. They are a subsidiary of Calpine.

Champion Energy Rates and Plans

Chariot Energy

Business Phone: 855-524-2746
Residential Phone: 855-524-2746
Website: https://chariotenergy.com/
Email: CustomerCare@mychariotenergy.com

About Chariot Energy

Chariot Energy Rates and Plans

Circular Energy

Business Phone: 844-776-7693
Residential Phone: 844-776-7693
Website: http://www.circularenergy.com
Email: customerservice@circularenergy.com

About Circular Energy

Circular Energy is a retail electric provider and commercial solar developer headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. They serve homes and businesses in Texas.

Circular Energy Rates and Plans

Cirro Energy

Business Phone: 800-692-4776
Residential Phone: 800-692-4776
Website: https://www.cirroenergy.com/
Email: service@cirroenergy.com

About Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy is a Plano, Texas based energy supplier that serves businesses and homes across the state of Texas.

Cirro Energy Rates and Plans

Clearview Energy

Business Phone: 800-746-4046
Residential Phone: 800-746-4046
Website: https://www.clearviewenergy.com
Email: customerservice@clearviewenergy.com

About Clearview Energy

Clearview Energy is a Dallas based electric provider that serves business and residential customer in 12 states and Washington D.C. Their service areas include: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Texas.

Clearview Energy Rates and Plans

Constellation Energy

Business Phone: 844-636-3749
Residential Phone: 855-465-1244
Website: https://www.constellation.com/

About Constellation Energy

Constellation in a Baltimore based subsidiary of Exelon. They offer a mix residential and commercial plans that include green energy to approximately 2 million U.S customers.

Constellation Energy Rates and Plans

CPG Energy

Business Phone: 800-975-7202
Residential Phone:
Website: https://www.cpg-energy.com/
Email: executive@cpg-energy.com

CPL Retail Energy

Business Phone: 888-925-9115
Residential Phone: 844-292-6128
Website: https://www.cplretailenergy.com/
Email: customercare@cplretailenergy.com

About CPL Retail Energy

CPL Energy is a subsidiary of Direct Energy that services business and residential customers in South Texas.

CPL Retail Energy Rates and Plans

Direct Energy

Business Phone: 855-461-1926
Residential Phone: 855-461-1926
Website: https://www.directenergy.com
Email: csdirectenergy@directenergy.com

About Direct Energy

Direct Energy LP is a North American retailer of energy and energy services. The company was founded in Toronto in 1986 and h customers in Canada and the United States. Direct Energy is a subsidiary of UK-based utility company Centrica.

Direct Energy Rates and Plans

Discount Power

Business Phone: 877-455-4674
Residential Phone: 877-455-4674
Website: https://www.discountpowertx.com/
Email: service@discountpowertx.com

About Discount Power

Discount Power Rates and Plans

Dynegy Energy

Business Phone: 833-241-4591
Residential Phone: 833-265-6999
Website: https://www.dynegy.com/
Email: descustcare@dynegy.com

About Dynegy Energy

Based in Irving, Texas, Dynegy Energy is a subsidiary of Vistra Energy. Dynegy supplies electricity and natural gas  to residential and commercial customers in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. 

Dynegy Energy Rates and Plans

EDF Energy

Business Phone: 0333-200-5100
Residential Phone:
Website: https://www.edfenergy.com/

Eligo Energy

Business Phone: 888-744-8125
Residential Phone: 888-744-8125
Website: https://www.eligoenergy.com/

Energy Cooperative of America

Business Phone: 800-422-1475
Residential Phone: 800-422-1475
Website: https://energycoopofamerica.org/
Email: info@ecamerica.org

About Energy Cooperative of America

Energy Cooperative of America Rates and Plans

Energy Harbor

Business Phone: 1-888-254-4769
Residential Phone: 1-877-855-2424
Website: https://energyharbor.com/en
Email: firstchoice@energyharbor.com

Engie Energy

Business Phone: 888-232-6206
Residential Phone: 888-232-6206
Website: https://www.engieresources.com/
Email: engiena-sales@engie.com

Enspire Energy

Business Phone: 757-963-9123
Residential Phone: 757-963-9123
Website: https://www.enspireenergy.com/
Email: mhensley@enspireenergy.com

About Enspire Energy

Enspire Energy Rates and Plans

Entrust Energy

Business Phone: 866-921-6476
Residential Phone: 800-871-8100
Website: https://www.entrustenergy.com/
Email: customercare@entrustenergy.com

About Entrust Energy

Entrust Energy is a Houston, Texas based energy supplier that sells energy plans in 8 states. On any given day Entrust Energy powers 5 millions homes.

Entrust Energy Rates and Plans

FairPoint Energy

Business Phone: (877) 733-6015
Residential Phone:
Website: https://www.vistracorp.com/

About FairPoint Energy

FairPoint Energy Rates and Plans

First Choice Power

Business Phone: 866-469-2464
Residential Phone: 866-469-2464
Website: https://www.firstchoicepower.com
Email: CustomerService@FirstChoicePower.com

About First Choice Power

First Choice Power is a subsidiary of Direct Energy that serves business and residential customers in Texas. They are headquartered in Irving, Texas.

First Choice Power Rates and Plans

First Point Power

Business Phone: 401-684-1443
Residential Phone: 401-684-1443
Website: http://firstpointpower.com/
Email: info@firstpointpower.com

About First Point Power

First Point Power is located in Rhode Island and offers energy plans in the North East United States including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, Maryland, and Connecticut.

First Point Power Rates and Plans

Freepoint Energy Solutions

Business Phone: 800-982-1670
Residential Phone: 800-982-1670
Website: http://freepointsolutions.com
Email: info@freepointsolutions.com

About Freepoint Energy Solutions

Freepoint Energy is a Houston, Texas based energy supplier that serves commercial and industrial customers across the U.S.

Freepoint Energy Solutions Rates and Plans

Frontier Utilities

Business Phone: 877-293-7535
Residential Phone: 877-437-7442
Website: https://www.frontierutilities.com/
Email: commercial@frontierutilities.com

About Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities is an energy supplier with main offices in Dallas and Houston. They serve business and commercial customers in Texas, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Frontier Utilities Rates and Plans

G-Power Energy

Business Phone: 800-378-3339
Residential Phone: 800-378-3339
Email: support@getGpower.com

About G-Power Energy

G-Power Energy Rates and Plans

Gas South

Business Phone: 877-472-4932
Residential Phone: 877-472-4932
Website: https://www.gassouth.com/home

Gexa Energy

Business Phone: 866-531-4392
Residential Phone: (713) 961-9399
Website: https://www.gexaenergy.com
Email: TX@GexaEnergy.com

About Gexa Energy

Since 2002 Gexa Energy has served residential and commercial customers in Texas. They offer a mix of plans including 100% renewable options.

Gexa Energy Rates and Plans

Global Energy

Business Phone: 800-385-7893
Residential Phone: 800-385-7893
Website: https://globalenergyllc.net/
Email: info@GlobalEnergyllc.net

Great American Gas and Electric

Business Phone: 866-269-9393
Residential Phone:
Website: https://www.ga-ge.com/
Email: support@ga-ge.com

About Great American Gas and Electric

Great American Gas and Electric Rates and Plans

Green Mountain Energy

Business Phone: 866-280-3603
Residential Phone: 866-785-4668
Website: https://www.greenmountainenergy.com/
Email: gmecbizcare@greenmountain.com

About Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy is a Texas-based electricity provider that has been providing clean energy from 100% renewable resources for over 20 years. This eco-conscious supplier’s affordable green energy plans make it easy for consumers and businesses in Texas to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money. As a leader in shaping the sustainability market, Green Mountain Energy has evolved from a small team of clean energy specialists to one of the longest-serving renewable energy suppliers in the country. 

Green Mountain Energy Rates and Plans

Griddy Energy

Business Phone: 800-993-6207
Residential Phone: 800-993-6207
Website: https://www.griddy.com/
Email: info@gogriddy.com

About Griddy Energy

Based in California, Griddy Energy was a Texas Retail Electric Provider. As of February 2021 they are no longer active.

Griddy Energy Rates and Plans

Hudson Energy

Business Phone: 866-483-7664
Residential Phone: 866-483-7664
Website: http://www.hudsonenergy.net/
Email: hudsonenergycare@hudsonenergy.net

IDT Energy

Business Phone: 888-405-1130
Residential Phone: 888-405-1130
Website: https://idtenergy.com/

IL Gas & Electric, Inc.

Business Phone: 866-705-7291
Residential Phone:
Website: https://www.ilgande.com/
Email: salesinfo@ilgande.com

About IL Gas & Electric, Inc.

IL Gas & Electric, Inc. Rates and Plans

Infinite Energy

Business Phone: 877-674-3489
Residential Phone: 877-674-3489
Website: http://www.infiniteenergy.com/
Email: Care@InfiniteEnergy.com

About Infinite Energy

Infinite Energy is an energy provider that serves homes and businesses in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio, and Texas. Infinite Energy was founded in 1994.

Infinite Energy Rates and Plans

Infuse Energy

Business Phone: 844-463-8732
Residential Phone: 844-463-8732
Website: https://www.infuseenergy.com/
Email: care@infuseenergy.com

About Infuse Energy

Founded in 2014 Infuse Energy is a Houston based retail electric provider (REP) that serves residential and commercial accounts in Texas.

Infuse Energy Rates and Plans

Just Energy

Business Phone: 866-587-8674
Residential Phone: 866-587-8674
Website: http://www.justenergy.com
Email: cs@justenergy.com

About Just Energy

Just Energy (TSX:JE, NYSE:JE) is a Canadian-based energy retailer that primarily sells natural gas and electricity. They operate across North America, Germany, Ireland, and Japan.  

Just Energy Rates and Plans

Liberty Power

Business Phone: 866-769-3799
Residential Phone: 866-769-3799
Website: https://www.libertypowercorp.com/
Email: customercare@libertypowercorp.com

About Liberty Power

Founded in 2001, Liberty Power serves both residential and business customers in 14 states.

Liberty Power Rates and Plans

Major Energy

Business Phone: 888-625-6760
Residential Phone: 888-625-6760
Website: https://majorenergy.com/
Email: customercare@majorenergy.com

Mansfield Energy

Business Phone: 800-695-6626
Residential Phone:
Website: https://mansfield.energy/

About Mansfield Energy

Mansfield Energy Rates and Plans

Marathon Energy

Business Phone: 888-378-9898
Residential Phone: 888-378-9898
Website: https://mecny.com/
Email: mail@mecny.com

About Marathon Energy

Marathon Energy Rates and Plans

MC Squared Energy

Business Phone: 877-622-7697
Residential Phone: 877-622-7697
Website: https://www.mc2energyservices.com/
Email: info@mc2energyservices.com

About MC Squared Energy

MC Squared Energy Rates and Plans

MD Gas & Electric

Business Phone: 866-568-0293
Residential Phone: 866-568-0293
Website: https://www.mdgande.com/
Email: salesinfo@mdgande.com

About MD Gas & Electric

MD Gas & Electric Rates and Plans

Mega Energy

Business Phone: 855-810-6342
Residential Phone: 855-810-6342
Website: https://www.megaenergyllc.com/

MidAmerican Energy Services

Business Phone: 800-432-8574
Residential Phone: 800-342-3346
Website: http://www.midamericanenergyservices.com
Email: support@midamericanenergyservices.com

About MidAmerican Energy Services

MidAmerican Energy Services is subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy that serves residential and commercial electricity customers in Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas and Washington D.C.

MidAmerican Energy Services Rates and Plans

MP2 Energy

Business Phone: (877) 238-5343
Residential Phone: (877) 238-5343
Website: https://www.mp2energy.com/
Email: customerservice@mp2energy.com

National Gas and Electric

Business Phone: 888-442-0002
Residential Phone: 888-442-0002
Website: https://ngande.com/
Email: customercare@NGandE.com

About National Gas and Electric

National Gas and Electric Rates and Plans

NEC Co-op Energy

Business Phone: 855-632-7348
Residential Phone:
Website: https://www.neccoopenergy.com
Email: contact@neccoopenergy.com

About NEC Co-op Energy

NEC Co-op Energy Rates and Plans

New Power Texas

Business Phone: 888-853-5747
Residential Phone: 888-853-5747
Website: https://www.newpowertx.com/
Email: customercare@newpowertx.com

About New Power Texas

New Power Texas Rates and Plans

New Wave Energy

Business Phone: 855-998-9283
Residential Phone: 855-998-9283
Website: https://newwaveenergy.com/
Email: support@nwaveenergy.com

About New Wave Energy

New Wave Energy Rates and Plans

NextEra Energy

Business Phone: (877) 528-2890
Residential Phone:
Website: http://www.nexteraenergy.com/

About NextEra Energy

NextEra Energy Rates and Plans

NJ Gas & Electric, Inc.

Business Phone: (866) 568-0290
Residential Phone: (866) 568-0290
Website: https://www.njgande.com/
Email: sales@njgande.com

About NJ Gas & Electric, Inc.

NJ Gas & Electric, Inc. Rates and Plans

Nordic Energy

Business Phone: 877-808-1022
Residential Phone: 877-808-1022
Website: https://www.nordicenergy-us.com/
Email: info@nordicenergy-us.com

NRG Energy

Business Phone: 855-500-8703
Residential Phone: 855-500-8703
Website: https://www.nrg.com/
Email: support@nrghomepower.com

NY Gas & Electric

Business Phone: 888-947-7899
Residential Phone: 888-947-7899
Website: https://www.nygande.com/
Email: salesinfo@nygande.com

About NY Gas & Electric

NY Gas & Electric Rates and Plans

OH Gas & Electric, Inc.

Business Phone: 888-947-7880
Residential Phone: 888-947-7880
Website: https://www.ohgande.com/
Email: salesinfo@ohgande.com

About OH Gas & Electric, Inc.

OH Gas & Electric, Inc. Rates and Plans

Original Energy

Business Phone: 914-847-0234
Residential Phone: 914-847-0234
Website: https://www.originalenergy.com/

About Original Energy

Original Energy Rates and Plans

Our Energy

Business Phone: 888-545-4687
Residential Phone: 888-545-4687
Website: http://www.ourenergyllc.com
Email: info@ourenergyllc.com

About Our Energy

OUR Energy is a Houston based Texas retail electricity provider (REP) that was founded in 2008. They offer commercial and residential energy plans in Texas.

Our Energy Rates and Plans

PA Gas & Electric, Inc.

Business Phone: 866-706-7361
Residential Phone: 866-706-7361
Website: https://www.pagande.com/
Email: salesinfo@pagande.com

About PA Gas & Electric, Inc.

PA Gas & Electric, Inc. Rates and Plans

Plymouth Rock Energy

Business Phone: 516-734-0408
Residential Phone:
Website: https://www.plymouthenergy.com/

About Plymouth Rock Energy

Plymouth Rock Energy is a New York based subsidiary of ENGIE Resources that only serves commercial energy customers in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

Plymouth Rock Energy Rates and Plans

Pogo Energy

Business Phone: 888-764-6669
Residential Phone: 888-764-6669
Website: http://pogoenergy.com
Email: support@pogoenergy.com

About Pogo Energy

Pogo Energy is an Irving, Texas based energy supplier that serves residential customers in Texas with renewable energy plans.

Pogo Energy Rates and Plans

Public Power

Business Phone:
Residential Phone: 888-354-441
Website: https://www.ppandu.com/
Email: service@ppandu.com

Pulse Power

Business Phone: 833-785-7797
Residential Phone: 833-785-7797
Website: https://www.pulsepowertexas.com/

Reliant Energy

Business Phone: 866-660-4900
Residential Phone: 866-222-7100
Website: https://www.reliant.com/
Email: service@reliant.com

About Reliant Energy

Reliant Energy is a subsidiary of NRG based in Houston. They serve business and residential energy customers throughout the state of Texas.

Reliant Energy Rates and Plans

Santanna Energy Services

Business Phone: 866-574-5680
Residential Phone: 866-574-5680
Website: https://santannaenergyservices.com/

About Santanna Energy Services

Santanna Energy Services is an Austin, Texas based energy supplier that provides electricity and natural gas plans for residential and business customers in Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. They also provide natural gas plans in Indiana and Michigan.

Santanna Energy Services Rates and Plans

SFE Energy

Business Phone: 888-351-2169
Residential Phone: 877-316-6344
Website: http://www.sfeenergy.com
Email: cs@sfeenergy.com

About SFE Energy

SFE Energy is headquartered in Buffalo, NY and serves businesses and residential customers in 8 states: California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

SFE Energy Rates and Plans

Snyder Brothers Energy

Business Phone: 724-548-8101
Residential Phone: 724-548-8101
Website: http://www.snyderbrothersinc.com/
Email: gasmarketing@snydercos.com

About Snyder Brothers Energy

Snyder Brothers Energy Rates and Plans

Spark Energy

Business Phone: 877-547-7275
Residential Phone: 877-547-7275
Website: https://www.sparkenergy.com/
Email: customercare@sparkenergy.com

About Spark Energy

Spark Energy was founded in 1999 in Houston, Texas and is a publicly traded company (SPKE). They offer business and home energy services in 19 states.

Spark Energy Rates and Plans

Starion Energy

Business Phone: 800-600-3040
Residential Phone: 800-600-3040
Website: https://www.starionenergy.com/
Email: info@starionenergy.com

About Starion Energy

Starion Energy Rates and Plans

Stream Energy

Business Phone: 888-685-7693
Residential Phone: 888-685-7693
Website: https://mystream.com/
Email: TXcommercial@streamenergy.net

About Stream Energy

Since 2005, Stream provides residential and business customers electricity and natural gas services in deregulated energy markets. Today they serve Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Delaware, Ohio and Washington D.C.

Stream Energy Rates and Plans

Summer Energy

Business Phone: 888-594-9299
Residential Phone: 888-594-9299
Website: https://www.summerenergy.com/
Email: sales@summerenergy.com

About Summer Energy

Summer Energy is an energy supplier that serves business and residential customers in Texas, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Summer Energy Rates and Plans

Sunwave Energy

Business Phone: 855-478-6928
Residential Phone: 855-478-6928
Website: https://www.gosunwave.com/
Email: customerservice@gosunwave.com

About Sunwave Energy

Sunwave Energy Rates and Plans

Talen Energy

Business Phone: 888-289-7693
Residential Phone: 888-289-7693
Website: https://www.talenenergy.com/
Email: CustomerCare@talenenergy.com

Tara Energy

Business Phone: 855-855-8272
Residential Phone: 844-466-3808
Website: https://www.taraenergy.com/
Email: CustomerSupport@TaraEnergy.com

About Tara Energy

Tara Energy is a Houston Based subsidiary of Just Energy Group Inc., a publicly traded company (TSX:JE). Tara Energy was founded in 2002 and serves businesses and homes in Texas.

Tara Energy Rates and Plans

Texans Energy

Business Phone: 855-508-3926
Residential Phone: 855-508-3926
Website: http://mytexansenergy.com
Email: info@mytexansenergy.com

About Texans Energy

Texas Energy is a Sugar Land, Texas based Retail Energy Provider (REP) that serves businesses and residential customer throughout Texas.

Texans Energy Rates and Plans

Texpo Energy

Business Phone: 877-839-7657
Residential Phone: 877-839-7657
Website: http://www.texpoenergy.com
Email: customer.care@texpoenergy.com

About Texpo Energy

Texpo Energy is a private Retail Electric Provider ("REP") that serves residential and commercial businesses in Texas from its main office in Houston.

Texpo Energy Rates and Plans

Think Energy

Business Phone: 800-481-9805
Residential Phone: 888-923-3633
Website: http://www.mythinkenergy.com/
Email: questions@mythinkenergy.com

About Think Energy

Think Energy is an electricity provider serving residential and commercial customers in Connecticut, D.C., Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas.

Think Energy Rates and Plans

Tiger Gas

Business Phone: (888) 875-6122
Residential Phone: (888) 875-6122
Website: https://www.tigernaturalgas.com/
Email: Info@TigerNaturalGas.com

TriEagle Energy

Business Phone: 877-933-2453
Residential Phone: 877-933-2453
Website: http://www.trieagleenergy.com
Email: customercare@trieagleenergy.com

About TriEagle Energy

TriEagle Energy is an Irving, Texas based electricity supplier that serves Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. TriEagle is a subsidiary of Vistra Energy.

TriEagle Energy Rates and Plans

TXU Energy

Business Phone: 888-399-5501
Residential Phone: 800-818-6132
Website: https://www.txu.com/
Email: energyaid@txu.com

About TXU Energy

TXU Energy is a retail electricity provider headquartered in Irving, Texas, serving residential and business customers in Texas since 2002. TXU is a subsidiary of Vistra Energy.

TXU Energy Rates and Plans

U.S. Energy Partners

Business Phone: 716-580-3187
Residential Phone: 716-580-3187
Website: https://usepelectric.com/
Email: Privacy@USEPelectric.com

About U.S. Energy Partners

U.S. Energy Partners Rates and Plans

UGI Energy

Business Phone: 800-427-8545
Residential Phone:
Website: https://ugies.com/
Email: customercare@ugies.com

US Gas and Electric

Business Phone: (888) 947-7880
Residential Phone: (888) 947-7880
Website: https://www.usgande.com/
Email: salesinfo@usgande.com

About US Gas and Electric

USG&E is an energy supplier that services customers in Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

US Gas and Electric Rates and Plans

V247 Power

Business Phone: 855-888-9888
Residential Phone: 855-888-9888
Website: http://www.v247power.com
Email: CustomerCare@v247power.com

About V247 Power

Founded in 2012 V247 Power is a Houston based energy supplier that serves Texas residents and businesses.

V247 Power Rates and Plans

Veteran Energy

Business Phone: 800-578-7070
Residential Phone: 800-578-7070
Website: https://www.veteranenergy.us/
Email: care@veteranenergy.us

About Veteran Energy

Veteran Energy is a Florida based energy provider that serves homes and businesses in all deregulated service areas in Texas. A portion of each customer’s bill to the veteran support organization of their choice.

Veteran Energy Rates and Plans

Viridian Energy

Business Phone: 866-663-2508
Residential Phone: 866-663-2508
Website: http://www.viridian.com/
Email: customercare@viridian.com

About Viridian Energy

Viridian Energy Rates and Plans

Vista Energy

Business Phone: 888-211-4093
Residential Phone: 888-211-4093
Website: https://vistaenergymarketing.com/

About Vista Energy

Founded in 2009 Vista Energy Marketing serves commercial and residential customers in several states including Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Vista Energy Rates and Plans

Volt Energy

Business Phone: 291-809-4600
Residential Phone: 866-340-8658
Website: https://www.voltep.com/
Email: info@voltep.com

About Volt Energy

Volt Energy is a Houston based Retail Electricity Provider (REP) that serves homes and commercial customers in Texas.

Volt Energy Rates and Plans

Volunteer Energy

Business Phone: 800-977-8374
Residential Phone: 800-977-8374
Website: https://www.volunteerenergy.com/

About Volunteer Energy

Volunteer Energy Rates and Plans

WGL Energy

Business Phone: 844-427-5945
Residential Phone: 844-427-5945
Website: https://www.wglenergy.com/

WTU Retail Energy

Business Phone: 866-322-5563
Residential Phone: 844-742-1330
Website: https://www.wturetailenergy.com
Email: customercare@wturetailenergy.com

About WTU Retail Energy

WTU Energy is a subsidiary of Direct Energy that services business and residential customers in West Texas.

WTU Retail Energy Rates and Plans

YEP Energy

Business Phone: 866-937-5937
Residential Phone: 866-937-5937
Website: https://www.yepenergy.com/
Email: Customer.Care@YepTexas.com

Zone One Energy

Business Phone: 347-620-7283
Residential Phone: 347-620-7283
Website: https://zone1energy.com/
Email: support@Zone1Energy.com

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