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Waco Electricity Rates
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Enter your zip code to discover and compare energy plans and providers in Waco. Explore the cheapest electricity rates from top energy suppliers in Waco and quickly find the best plan for your home or business. EnergyBot tailors recommendations to your actual energy usage, ensuring you're matched with the perfect electricity provider and plan.

While low electricity rates may seem appealing, they might not reflect your final bill. That’s why we integrate with your local utility company, Oncor Electric Delivery.

Our commitment is to our customers. We avoid featuring misleading plans. You won't encounter any plans with unclear terms, variable rates, or deceptive practices.

To find the ideal plan for your energy needs, click here and link your utility data. We'll assess your energy use to connect you with the most suitable plan available.

Average Waco Electric Rates

This section highlights the average Waco electricity rates for residential and commercial customers.

  • The lowest residential electricity rate in Waco is 14.22¢ ($0.1422) and the average rate is 16.97¢.
  • The lowest commercial electricity rate in Waco is 8.58¢ ($0.0858) and the average rate is 9.48¢.

The Best Residential Electricity Plans in Waco:

Best 12 Month Plan
Power Pioneer 12


Best 24 Month Plan
TexasConnect 24


Best 36 Month Plan
TexasConnect 36


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Waco Electric Companies and Providers

In deregulated cities like Waco, utility companies and energy providers have distinct roles. The utility company, which is assigned based on your location and cannot be chosen, is responsible for transmitting electricity to homes and businesses, maintaining the power lines, and responding to power outages. In Waco, Oncor Electric Delivery is the designated utility.

Unlike the utility company, you have the freedom to choose your electricity provider in Waco’s deregulated market. Energy providers, also known as electricity companies or power companies, sell electricity plans to residents and businesses and manage customer billing and energy usage. With EnergyBot.com, you can compare rates and plans from the top Waco electric companies, including reputable providers like 4Change Energy, Frontier Utilities, and TXU Energy.

Enter your ZIP code on EnergyBot.com to find rates and plans from leading electric companies in Waco, TX.

Waco Electricity Plans

Each type of home has it's own unique energy footprint. The size of your home and your energy usage habits will be a big factor in the rate you end up paying.

Here are the best plans for the various types of homes in Frisco:

Best Plan for Apartments

TexasConnect 36
36 month

Best Plan for Small Homes

TexasConnect 36
36 month

Best Plan for Large Homes

TexasConnect 36
36 month

Power Outages in Waco

If you experience a power outage in Waco, contact your utility company, not your energy provider. For issues with your electricity service, reach out to Oncor Electric Delivery at 1-888-313-4747 or report an outage online.

Your Power to Choose Electricity in Waco

Deregulated markets empower you to choose your electricity provider. This means residents and business owners in Waco can select their providers and rates, benefiting from the competition among electric companies to offer better prices and services.

Types of Electricity Plans in Waco

When exploring electricity providers and rates on EnergyBot.com, you’ll encounter various types of plans, including:

Fixed-Rate Plans: These plans lock in your electricity rate for the duration of your contract (typically 12, 24, or 36 months). Your rate remains stable regardless of market fluctuations, providing predictable billing. Be aware of potential early termination fees if you cancel early, and rate changes upon renewal.

Variable-Rate Plans: These plans offer flexibility without a long-term contract, but rates can vary monthly based on the wholesale cost of electricity. This plan is advantageous when rates are low but can be risky during high-demand periods.

Prepaid and No-Deposit Plans: Ideal for those who prefer not to undergo a credit check or pay a deposit, these plans allow you to pay for your electricity in advance and top up as needed.

Waco Green Energy

Texas leads in wind energy and ranks high in solar production, enabling Waco residents to choose from various green energy plans. Most Texas plans incorporate some level of renewable energy. Providers like Gexa Energy and Green Mountain Energy specialize in 100% renewable plans. Check the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to see the renewable content of specific plans.

Waco Energy for Business

Business owners in Waco also enjoy the freedom to choose their electric company. Visit EnergyBot.com’s business energy hub for options and to get a tailored commercial energy plan.

NRG Energy, Inc.
60 months
NRG Energy, Inc.
48 months
Chariot Energy
36 months
NRG Energy, Inc.
54 months
NRG Energy, Inc.
42 months

How to Compare Electricity Rates with EnergyBot.com

Comparing and buying electricity in Waco is easy with EnergyBot.com:

  1. Enter Your ZIP Code: Provide your ZIP to see precise electricity rates in Waco.
  2. Sign Up: Complete your sign-up online in minutes or call our energy experts for assistance.
  3. Enjoy Your Plan: Your new Waco electric company will handle the switch, ensuring a smooth transition.

Moving to Waco?

Waco, home to Baylor University, is a vibrant city in central Texas known for its rich history and cultural attractions. If you’re relocating to Waco, use EnergyBot.com to quickly find and set up a new energy plan, allowing you to enjoy your new home without hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Waco Energy

EnergyBot.com is an energy marketplace based out of Dallas, Texas that enables consumers in states with deregulated energy markets to find the best electricity plan for their home or business. We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way you buy electricity and make energy decisions. You can learn more about us here.

EnergyBot is free to use. When you select an electricity plan or decide to purchase solar we receive a small referral from providers if you decide to purchase one of their products.

No, there are other utilities and co-ops that serve the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, but Oncor is by far the largest utility in North Texas.

An Electricity Facts Label (EFL) provides details about a specific electricity plan so consumers can easily compare offers from different electricity providers, much like a nutrition label on food allows consumers to compare food choices. EFLs are required for all residential plans in Texas. Some other states in deregulated areas may have some form of EFL as well.

The purpose of an EFL is to provide transparency, ensuring consumers have the necessary information to make informed decisions about their current electricity provider, and plan. Always check the EFL to understand the full details of what you're signing up for.

An Energy Provider or Retail Energy Provider (REP) is a company that purchases wholesale electricity from electricity generators and sells it to consumers. They often offer various plans and rates. In deregulated markets, consumers have the freedom to choose their energy provider from among multiple companies.

A Utility or Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP), owns and operates the infrastructure that delivers electricity from generation facilities to the end consumer's location (homes, businesses, etc.). Utilities maintain the power lines, transformers, and meters. They are also responsible for restoring power during any power outages too. While you can choose your energy provider in a deregulated market, you cannot choose your utility as it is determined by your geographical location.

The best way to report a power outage, downed line, streetlight outage, or other similar issues is to use their online portal. If you have a different type of question or general inquery you can call them directly at 888-313-6862.

Providers like 4Change Energy, Gexa Energy, Frontier Utilities, and Good Charlie Energy often offer some of the lowest rates in Waco. It’s crucial to compare current plans and features from various providers before deciding.

The best provider will depend on your specific needs, whether it's the lowest cost, green energy options, or excellent customer service. Use EnergyBot.com to filter and find a provider that meets your criteria.

EnergyBot.com makes it simple to compare rates by entering your ZIP code, allowing you to view and choose from the best available rates and plans in your area.

Switching providers might help you find cheaper rates in Waco. Additionally, making energy-efficient upgrades, like installing solar panels or using energy-efficient appliances, can reduce your overall electricity costs.

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