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How Much Is Electricity in New York?

Last updated January 2022

  • The average New York commercial electricity rate was 17.18 ¢/kWh (48% higher than the national average).
  • The average New York residential electricity rate was 20.59 ¢/kWh (45% higher than the national average).
  • New York has one of the most energy-efficient economies in the country, consuming less total energy per capita than 47 other states. This efficiency is due in part to the consistent use of public transportation options in New York's more densely populated regions.
Source: Texas energy data from The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)
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New York is our country's fourth-most-populous state, offering the best of both city life and expansive rural areas. This beautiful state showcases rolling agricultural land and rugged mountains, with Atlantic shorelines, two Great Lakes, and the Niagra River's massive falls.

Residents and business owners might not seem to have a lot in common, but they share the power of energy choice. EnergyBot can help consumers from all over the state take advantage of the deregulated energy market and find the lowest New York energy rates available.

New York's Energy Deregulation

In 1998, New York became one of 16 states to deregulate its energy market. Prior to deregulation, the state's energy market was saturated by local utility monopolies that controlled every aspect of power generation, processing, delivery and maintenance. There was almost no competition, and these monopolies were uninterested in improving their services or managing costs because consumers had little choice.

Deregulating the energy market allowed New York to break up these monopolies, separating energy distribution from its sale. With this separation, New York utility rates would stay stable, and emerging new energy providers would have to compete for consumers, driving rates lower and inspiring more customer-centric service plans.

New York's deregulated energy market gives residents the power to choose their energy provider and shop for the prices and services that most closely meet their needs. At EnergyBot, we'll help you navigate the complications of the energy market and make it easy to directly compare prices from the state's top providers so you can find the best rates.

Utilities vs. Energy Providers

Since New York's energy market became deregulated, public utilities and energy providers have been separate entities with different roles in getting you the energy you need for your home or business.

Utility companies are responsible for operating and maintaining the state's energy infrastructure, including wires and towers. These entities transport the electricity from the generators to your home through your power lines. New York local utility companies include Con Ed, Central Hudson, New York State Electric and Gas, and PSEG Long Island.

Energy providers purchase energy from the generators and resell it to consumers in New York, offering low rates and different plans to attract customers. Essentially, you have the power to choose which supplier will give your utility company the energy they deliver to your home.

New York Electricity Pricing Trends

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Ohio Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy in New York

The geography of New York state makes it perfect for producing renewable energy, including generation by hydropower, wind and biomass. New York is ranked fifth in the amount of energy it generates from renewable sources, emphasizing hydroelectric power.

In 2020, hydroelectricity generation alone supplied about three-tenths of the state's utility-scale net generation thanks to the Robert Moses Niagra hydroelectric power plant near Niagra Falls.

When you search for providers with EnergyBot, we'll let you know how much of each provider's energy comes from renewable resources. New York consumers will have even more options for green energy in the coming years, as the state's Clean Energy Standard (CES) will require electricity providers to have 70% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040.

New York's Statue of Liberty

Energy for Small Businesses

New York is home to an estimated 3 million small businesses, which make up 99% of the total business in the state. These companies play a major role in the state's economy by employing more than half the workforce in a wide range of industries. The top small business industries in New York include:

  • Retail
  • Health care and social assistance
  • Construction
  • Professional, scientific and tech services

Energy spending can account for a significant part of the expenses required in a commercial operating budget, but businesses of all sizes can save on energy by comparing rates with EnergyBot. We'll help you find the lowest rates from top providers in your area so that you can invest in other parts of your business. You can save even more by comparing and switching annually to ensure you always have the best rate.

If your business requires more energy than the average consumer or uses power inconsistently, you can use EnergyBot to request free custom quotes from energy providers. When you request a quote, providers will complete a comprehensive review of your energy usage and develop a plan with rates designed specifically to meet your needs.

NY Electricity Rates Comparison

EnergyBot helps you find the best energy rates in New York by allowing you to easily compare plans from the state's top energy providers. Our easy comparison tool gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision and switch to a new plan that helps you save. We'll include details like rates, contract terms, green ratings and whether or not the plan is a good match for your needs.

Our listings are updated daily, so you can be sure you're always getting the most current rates. With our Lowest-Price Guarantee, you know you're getting the cheapest rates available every time.

Save on Your Electric Bill With EnergyBot

At EnergyBot, we're dedicated to helping you understand the complexities of New York's deregulated energy market. We give you the tools you need to find the best rates on electricity and switch plans to save fast. In fact, the average EnergyBot user saves approximately 20% on their monthly electricity bills by switching.

Start saving today by entering your zip code in our search tool and answering a few questions about your energy usage. We'll compile a list instantly so that you can compare the options and switch to a new plan.

If you have any questions about New York's deregulated market or our comparison tools, we'd be happy to help. Get in touch with our team online, or give us a call at 888-743-1870.

New York Energy FAQs

Energy choice, also known as energy market deregulation, allows New York Business Owners to choose their energy supplier and energy rate. New York has been a deregulated since the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) passed Competitive Opportunities Case legislation in 1996 with the objective of having a competitive retail market by 1998.

EnergyBot is an online marketplace that helps businesses quickly and easily compare energy suppliers, plans, and rates in their area. With the simple goal to help businesses switch to the best energy for their business, EnergyBot cuts out the middleman – energy consultants and energy brokers, and enables businesses to switch online. EnergyBot also eliminates the fees and sales commissions that businesses may pay when using a traditional energy broker.

In New York, energy brokers may advertise promotional rates and offer their services free of charge – which is not exactly the truth. Most energy brokers “bake in their commissions and fees” into the energy rate (per kWh) that businesses will pay – which means that a business may pay a higher rate than necessary when using a broker. EnergyBot rates are simple and transparent and published on our site every day for businesses to review and compare.

The goal of energy market deregulation was to create competition among energy suppliers so that they would be more efficient and ultimately offer lower, more competitive rates, to consumers. Unfortunately, most businesses and residential consumers have found that comparing energy plans is overly complicated and confusing.

EnergyBot makes energy simple. With a fast and transparent online experience, businesses can now compare plans and select an energy rate in just a few minutes. With basic information about your business and energy usage, EnergyBot will quickly compare current rates from top energy suppliers and provide a list of recommended plans for your business. Switching to a new energy plan is now as easy as booking a flight online.

EnergyBot makes it easy to switch energy providers. Simply visit our website, compare and select energy plans in your area, submit the necessary business information, and then upload your most recent energy bill. The EnergyBot team will seamlessly work with your new supplier to make the switch to the new energy plan. And the energy service to your business will continue without interruption.

You will pay your electricity bill directly to your local utility company. EnergyBot will never send you a bill.

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