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By partnering with EnergyBot, you’ll be able to give your customers access to the best way to purchase energy online.

Personalized results

EnergyBot combines historical usage data and thousands of electricity rates to match users to the best rate possible.

Energy simplified

The energy industry is packed with crazy fees and complicated terms. We take pride in making energy easier for everyone.

Customer guidance

Introducing Deal Score; a personalized score that macthes customers with the best plan at the lowest cost.

Our customers love us.

EnergyBot is designed to eliminate complexity and help you make the best energy decision for your home or business.

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Owner @ Meredith Manor

“Dealing with EnergyBot was quick & easy. Process was seamless, detailed and they do all the work. I would highly recommend.”

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Admin @ Silversand Services

“I just signed up our company for Electricity with Energy Bot and I have to say that it was very easy and stress free!

Who do we partner with?

Our partners include (but are not limited to):

Energy Broker

Energy Aggregators

Real Estate Agents

Property Managers


Retail Stores

and more!