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What's my ESID Number?

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What is an ESID Number?

Your ESID Number (pronounced "Easy I.D."), is your Electric Service Identifier. It is a unique number to your property address. It helps the utility companies easily enroll customers, switch energy providers, and meter your usage. It is sometimes referred to as an ESIID, ESI ID or ESI-ID.

It essentially acts as a social security number for your electric meter.

While it's not actually visible on your meter you can our free ESID lookup at the top of the page to find yours.

Both commercial and residential meters have an ESID. When you use our tool you can see what utility company services your location as well as other important information.

Why Do I Need My ESID Number?

Your ESID number is helpful when you are shopping for electricity plans in Texas. Your energy provider will use this number to set up the electricity service to your meter.

The ESID for your meter will tell you which utility company (ex: Oncor or Centerpoint) is responsible for the delivery of electric service to your property.

Since rates are dependent on your location, the ESID number allows you to get accurate pricing information for your home or commercial location.

Utility Choice and your ESID

While you can't select your utility because it is determined by your location (ex: Oncor), you can select your Retail Electric Provider (REP). REPs are often called energy suppliers for ex: TXU and Direct Energy.

Your ESID is simply a unique number to help utilities and energy providers to enroll you in energy plans and meter your usage. Learn more about reading your electric meter here.

Commercial ESID Lookup

Our commercial ESID lookup tool at the top of the page is able to identify ESID numbers for both residential and business addresses.

If you are interested in finding lower commercial electricity rates, we recommend you enter your zip code and compare business energy providers here.

Common Questions

The ESID lookup didn't find my address?

If you are unable to find your ESID number using the tool at the top of this page it's most likely that your service location or meter is new and hasn't been set up yet. Contact us so that we can help you get your meter set up and your power on.

What is Power to Choose and what does it mean for my Electric Service Identifier?

Power To Choose is the state-operated website created by public utility information to display electricity rates from energy suppliers in deregulated areas. It does not affect your ESID. 

How can I find my Centerpoint Energy ESID?

Find your Centerpoint Energy ESID by entering your address in the address search at the top of this page. Centerpoint services much of the southeast portion of Texas including Houston.

How can I find my AEP ESID?

See your AEP Energy ESID by entering your address at the top of this page. AEP Texas services much of the southwest and western portions of Texas including Corpus Christi and Abilene.

How can I find my Oncor ESID?

Determine your Oncor Energy ESID by entering your address at the top of this page. Oncor services the northern and western sections of Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, and Midland.

How can I find my TNMP ESID?

Lookup your Texas-New Mexico Power ESID by entering your address in the address search at the top of this page. TNMP services various regions of Texas.