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Texas operates within a deregulated energy market, giving you the freedom to select your electricity provider and plan. This deregulation means numerous energy providers compete for your business, empowering you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

There are dozens of providers that service Oncor customers. Because rates change daily, the best way to find the best Oncor electricity plan for your home or business is to enter your zip code here. We'll guide you through the switching process and make sure you get the best deal available.

Oncor Electric Delivery serves a distinct role from an energy provider. While providers purchase energy from generators and manage customer accounts, utilities like Oncor distribute this energy to homes and businesses via their maintained power lines. In Texas, you purchase electricity from a retail electric provider (REP).

Utilities are also responsible for restoring service during power outages. If you're an Oncor customer, you can report outages through their online portal.

In Texas’s deregulated market, while you can choose your REP, your utility company is determined based on your location. Rates charged by Oncor are regulated and must be approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, ensuring government oversight.

EnergyBot helps you effortlessly compare plans and rates from various electricity providers in Texas. Our platform allows you to refine your search by provider, plan features, customer ratings, term length, and more, all at no cost. Once you've chosen a provider, you can easily sign up for a plan through EnergyBot, either online or over the phone.

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About Oncor Electric Delivery

Oncor Electric Delivery, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a prominent electric utility company jointly owned by Sempra Energy and Texas Transmission Investment LLC. With an extensive network of over 141,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines, Oncor provides vital energy services to more than 400 communities throughout Texas. Serving over 3.7 million residential and commercial customers, Oncor's service area encompasses major regions including northwest and north central Texas, with key cities such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Killeen, Midland, and Wichita Falls under its coverage.

In short, if you live in North Texas it is very likely Oncor is your electric utility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is electricity deregulation?

Electricity deregulation breaks up the monopoly of a single utility company, allowing multiple retail electric providers to compete for customers' business. This increases options and competition for consumers.

How has deregulation impacted the energy market in Texas?

Deregulation in Texas has led to competitive pricing, improved customer service, and increased innovation among electricity providers. This includes the use of renewable energy sources.

Who delivers electricity in Texas?

In Texas, Transmission and Distribution Service Providers (TDSPs) deliver electricity, and these providers vary by geographic area.

What role do ERCOT and PUCT play in the Texas energy market?

ERCOT manages the Texas electricity grid, while PUCT oversees the market, including ERCOT, to protect consumers and ensure fair competition. Both play essential roles in the Texas energy market.

How can I choose the right electricity provider for me?

To choose the right electricity provider for you, compare rates, features, and reviews of different providers, consider your energy consumption needs, and use tools and resources like oncor.com. Happy shopping!

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