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Since 2002, Pasadena residents have been a part of the deregulated electricity industry making it possible for them to shop for the best electric company.

EnergyBot makes finding the best electric rate easy. We leverage your energy usage data to sift through the hundreds of plans that aren't a good fit so that you can quickly see the lowest costs plan available today.

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EnergyBot business customers enjoy a hassle free shopping experience without the aggressive sales tactics from old school brokers. We take usage metrics from your usage data to determine what will be the lowest cost electric plan.

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Pasadena Energy Data

Last updated January 2023

  • The average Pasadena commercial electricity rate is 9.5 ¢/kWh (27% lower than the national average).
  • The average Pasadena residential electricity rate is 14.77 ¢/kWh (8% lower than the national average).
Source: Texas energy data from The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

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Finding a new electricity provider in Pasadena is simple with EnergyBot. Follow these simple steps to get the lowest electricity rate in Pasadena.

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Enter your zip code at the top of this page and you can quickly see plans from the top Pasadena electric companies. For even better pricing use our data linking tool to pull in your historic usage from your utility.

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Energy plans often have long confusing contracts. We don't like teaser rates and tricky terms, so we filter out the plans that trick customers into bill spikes. Each plan you see on our site has plan details. This breaks down the most important information about the plan into a way that is easy to understand.

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Once you have decided on a new energy plan for your home business just follow the prompts to confirm. Once you're done, we give you dashboard to see the status of your contract.

Types of Energy Plans offered in Pasadena

Pasadena energy providers offer rates and plans with a range of options and terms. While you will see many types of plans for the most part they are in two categories: fixed-rate and variable rate.

Fixed-Rate Electricity Plans in Pasadena

Fixed-rate plans will have a set price for the term of the contract. Regardless of weather, natural events, or market volatility, your rate will not change. In most cases, fixed-rate plans have a term length of 6, 12, 24, or 36 months. We recommend fixed-rate plans for most customers.

Variable-Rate Electricity Plans Pasadena

Variable-rate plan rates may change on a monthly basis based on market factors. Variable-rate plans offer more flexibility but present more volatility in pricing. Price changes may impact your monthly electricity bill in the form of price hikes. In most cases, we do not recommend variable-rate plans.

Pasadena Electric Rates

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The Fred Hartman Bridge Near Pasadena, Texas

About Pasadena, Texas

Known as the Strawberry Capital, Pasadena is the seventeenth-largest city in the state of Texas with a population of 149,043 residents. Located within the Greater Houston metropolitan area, Pasadena covers a small area of just 44.5 square miles.

As the location for the final conflict of the Texas Revolution from Mexican rule, Pasadena also adopted the nickname of the Birthplace of Texas. This final battle took place on April 21, 1836, near Vince’s Bayou river, right next to modern Pasadena. The victory of this battle quickly led to the surrender of the Mexican government freeing Texas from Mexican rule.

With this deep-seated Texan history located in Pasadena, the city is now home to several museums. The Pasadena Historical Museum showcases the lifestyle of the early settlers complete with tours of the historic Pomeroy House and Strawberry House. There’s also the Armand Bayou Nature Center which showcases the vibrant wildlife home to the Pasadena area. After all, the name Pasadena comes from the lush vegetation of Pasadena, California. The city also holds an annual Strawberry Festival to commemorate when Clara Barton purchased 1.5 million strawberry plants to help the survivors of the 1900 Galveston Hurricane.

Pasadena Business Profile

Founded in 1893, Pasadena is home to a vibrant economy – comprised primarily of petroleum refining, petrochemical processing, solar panel manufacturing, maritime shipping, aerospace, and healthcare. This varied economy stems from its close proximity to the Houston Ship Channel and the Bayport Shipping Channel which makes exporting goods relatively inexpensive.

Right next to Pasadena is the Bayport Industrial District which is one of the nation’s largest chemical processing complexes. This complex provides Pasadena with vital employment necessary for the local economy to thrive. As the Bayport shipping terminal opens, Pasadena residents expect further opportunities for employment in this area.

Pasadena is poised to continue growing in the years to come with its low cost of a living, diverse community, and central location to a variety of export channels.

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