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We use your historical usage and utility data to match you with the best plans available so that you can switch providers online in minutes. We only partner with established trusted providers and filter out the "ugly" plans with variable rates and hidden fees.

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With the average commercial electricity bill over $500, getting the lowest rate possible could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars of savings on your bottom line. EnergyBot makes finding the lowest costs plan for your business fast and simple.

By working with top commercial energy suppliers and leveraging your utility data, we are able to find the best electricity plan available. Our platforms allows you to quickly compare plans and switch online. No annoying salespeople, no hidden fees, just simple low costs energy.

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Finding a new electricity provider in McKinney is simple with EnergyBot. Follow these simple steps to get the lowest electricity rate in McKinney.

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Energy plans often have long confusing contracts. We don't like teaser rates and tricky terms, so we filter out the plans that trick customers into bill spikes. Each plan you see on our site has plan details. This breaks down the most important information about the plan into a way that is easy to understand.

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Once you have decided on a new energy plan for your home business just follow the prompts to confirm. Once you're done, we give you dashboard to see the status of your contract.

Types of Energy Plans offered in McKinney

McKinney energy providers offer rates and plans with a range of options and terms. While you will see many types of plans for the most part they are in two categories: fixed-rate and variable rate.

Fixed-Rate Electricity Plans in McKinney

Fixed-rate plans will have a set price for the term of the contract. Regardless of weather, natural events, or market volatility, your rate will not change. In most cases, fixed-rate plans have a term length of 6, 12, 24, or 36 months. We recommend fixed-rate plans for most customers.

Variable-Rate Electricity Plans McKinney

Variable-rate plan rates may change on a monthly basis based on market factors. Variable-rate plans offer more flexibility but present more volatility in pricing. Price changes may impact your monthly electricity bill in the form of price hikes. In most cases, we do not recommend variable-rate plans.

McKinney Electric Rates

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McKinney Cotton Center

About McKinney, Texas

McKinney is a city and the county seat of Collin County. It is the second largest city in Collin County and is located 32 miles north of Dallas. It was the US’s fastest growing city from 2000 to 2003 and once again in 2006. In 2007, the city was rated the fastest growing city among cities with more than 100,000 people and in 2008 it was rated the 3rd fasted. Today, it has a population of around 192,000 people and has now been named the third fastest growing city in the US. The city itself has a number of benefits as a resident and in 2014 was rated the ‘Best Place to Live’ by Money Magazine. 

The city was originally founded in 1849 by a man named William Davis, who owned 3,000 acres of land. Originally, the area served as a commercial center that provided farmers with a wide range of produce. This included with flour, corn, and cotton mills, cotton gins, a cotton compress, and a cottonseed oil mills to name a few. In addition to this, it also developed churches, schools, banks and even its very own opera house. In 1913 McKinney incorporated and developed its own government. By 1953, the populated had grown to over 10,000 people with over 335 businesses in the region. The town continued to be a business hub until the late 1960’s. 

Today, the city has once again become a hub for expansion with outstanding reviews from local media, as well as a median household income of $63,366, much higher than the US average. 

McKinney Business Profile

The economy in McKinney is one of the best within the US. Within the last year along there has been a job market increase of 3.3%. It has been estimated that the job growth over the next 10 years will be around 54.8%, which is much higher than the US average of 33.5%. This has resulted in an influx of potential workers in the area.

The main businesses in the market are retail and health care. The retail markets recruit 13.3% of the population, whilst the healthcare market recruits 12.9% of the market. There is also a rising finance industry, which now recruits almost 10% of the local population. 

With the influx of new businesses to the area, it is also important to note the growing manufacturing industry within the area. A total of 9.7% of the population now work in manufacturing, which is expected to grow significantly as more global companies invest in the area. For businesses making their move into McKinney it is certainly an exciting time, with growth predicted to be significantly higher than the US average.

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