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Types of Energy Plans offered in McAllen

McAllen energy providers offer rates and plans with a range of options and terms. While you will see many types of plans for the most part they are in two categories: fixed-rate and variable rate.

Fixed-Rate Electricity Plans in McAllen

Fixed-rate plans will have a set price for the term of the contract. Regardless of weather, natural events, or market volatility, your rate will not change. In most cases, fixed-rate plans have a term length of 6, 12, 24, or 36 months. We recommend fixed-rate plans for most customers.

Variable-Rate Electricity Plans McAllen

Variable-rate plan rates may change on a monthly basis based on market factors. Variable-rate plans offer more flexibility but present more volatility in pricing. Price changes may impact your monthly electricity bill in the form of price hikes. In most cases, we do not recommend variable-rate plans.

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About McAllen, Texas

Known as the City of Palms, McAllen is the 22nd most populated city in the state of Texas with a population of 143,433 residents. Located at the southern tip of the state in the Rio Grande Valley, McAllen covers an expansive area of 48.6 square miles.

One of the main way McAllen draws in residents is through their relative safety levels compared to other cities in Texas. It regularly ranks at the top of the safest cities in Texas by coming in at 23rd place out of 3,000 cities ranked in 2019. This makes it the only city with a population of over 140,000 to make it into the top 25 safest cities. With this high level of safety thanks to the effective Police Department, residents of McAllen almost never worry about any type of crime. Not a single murder occurred throughout 2018 in this great city.

McAllen also offers a wide range of recreational activities. It’s one of the best cities for bird watching due to the positioning of the city on a major flyway of migratory birds between North and South America. This also brings out a diverse wildlife population with these migratory birds. The city even contains one of the wings of the World Birding Center. They’re also a part of the Bicentennial Bike Path and other recreational opportunities.

McAllen Business Profile

Founded in 1905, McAllen is now home to a vibrant economy that revolves around global trade primarily with Mexico thanks to the increase in cross-border trading led by the North American Free Trade Association. This increase in trade in McAllen brought down the unemployment rate to just 5.6% in October of 2019 from 22.6% in 1990. 

The city of McAllen heavily participates in the maquiladora economy. This type of economy allows factories to largely operate and transport goods duty free and tariff-free. Between the maquiladora economy and a push by the North American Free Trade Association, McAllen was able to be designated as a Foreign-Trade Zone. The McAllen Miller International Airport is also a designated Foreign-Trade Zone which facilitates any air cargo. This led to a huge boom to the city which can now import products duty free.

McAllen is poised to continue its amazing growth as foreign trade continues to grow within the city bringing the unemployment rate down even further.

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