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Home to Fort Hood, Killeen is a military boom town that's home to over 120,000 Texans. As part of the deregulated energy market in Texas, Killeen residents have the ability to shop for the best electricity provider for their home or business.

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Types of Energy Plans offered in Killeen

Killeen energy providers offer rates and plans with a range of options and terms. While you will see many types of plans for the most part they are in two categories: fixed-rate and variable rate.

Fixed-Rate Electricity Plans in Killeen

Fixed-rate plans will have a set price for the term of the contract. Regardless of weather, natural events, or market volatility, your rate will not change. In most cases, fixed-rate plans have a term length of 6, 12, 24, or 36 months. We recommend fixed-rate plans for most customers.

Variable-Rate Electricity Plans Killeen

Variable-rate plan rates may change on a monthly basis based on market factors. Variable-rate plans offer more flexibility but present more volatility in pricing. Price changes may impact your monthly electricity bill in the form of price hikes. In most cases, we do not recommend variable-rate plans.

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About Killeen, Texas, Texas

Killeen is a somewhat unique city located in Bell County Texas. It has a total population of around 145,000 people, which makes it the 21st most populous city within Texas. It is well known for the Killeen–Temple–Fort Hood Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The town was originally founded in 1881, in which a railroad was created on the land of a 70-block town. The town rapidly expanded developing a railroad depot, several stores, a saloon, and even a school. By 1884 the town had a population of around 350 people and further developed with two gristmills, two cotton gins, two saloons, a lumberyard, a blacksmith shop, and even a hotel for locals who were only visiting for the night.

Today, Killeen is directly adjacent to the main cantonment of Fort Hood. As a result, its economy is predominately focused on soldiers and families within the area. It has recently been given the name ‘boom town’ due to its rapid growth with the influx of soldiers. 

The population within the city with around 33% of individuals being under the age of 20 as well as 39% of individuals being between 20 to 39 years of age. Only 5.2% of individuals were over the age of 65, which shows that the city is predominately managed by a younger population. The median income for a household is $44,370 and the per capita income for the city is $20,095. With an ever-growing renewable energy market, it has been predicted that more jobs will be produced outside of the military over the next decade. 

Killeen Business Profile

Founded in 1881, Killeen, Texas has an economy that is predominately focused on the military in the area. The main employer in the area is the U.S Military at Fort Hood, which employs around 58,187 people. The second-largest employer in the area is the Killeen Independent School District, which employs around 6000 individuals. 

Apart from the military, there is a growing economy that can be found in the Killeen Mall as well as two regional shopping malls in Bell county. These shopping malls dominate the economy, with a number of well-known shops such as Walmart recruiting a large number of individuals within the area.

Due to the nature of the city, independent businesses are not as common. However, there is a growing hotel business due to the easy highway access into the area.

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