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What is an Energy Supplier?

An energy supplier, also known as an energy provider or energy service company (ESCO’s) , is an energy company that buys energy from the wholesale market and then sells it to residential and business consumers. In a deregulated market, energy suppliers create and offer energy plans, with specific terms and rates, to consumers. In these competitive markets, the energy rates, or prices, are dictated by the basic “supply and demand” of the market – the more demand, usually the higher the price.

As a consumer in a deregulated market, each residential homeowner and renter, or business owner or decision-maker has the ability to choose their energy supplier and energy plan.

What is an Energy Utility Company?

An energy utility company owns and operates the electrical  “grid” in a specific region of the country. As a highly regulated company, the utility ensures that the grid is functioning efficiently each and every minute of the day to deliver electricity to residential and business customers in the region they serve. The grid itself is defined as the vast network of hardware, including wires, poles, towers, and transformers that transport electricity from power plants to homes and businesses.

What is a Power Generator?

An energy power generator, also known as a power plant, power station, generating station, or generating plant, is an industrial facility that generates electric power. There are many different types of power stations, including coal, gas, hydro, solar, and nuclear – all of which create the electricity to power the grid that homes and businesses rely on each day.

The Energy Industry Ecosystem: How Suppliers, Utilities, Generators work together to deliver electricity

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Generators are the power plants that produce electricity using coal, nuclear, solar, wind or gas. They then sell the produced electricity to the wholesale market.

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Utilities are the entities in charge of the operation and maintenance of the energy infrastructure, like wires and towers. Your local utility is responsible for transporting electricity from the generators to consumers (homeowners and businesses).

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Energy suppliers are competitive energy retailers. Each supplier buys energy from the wholesale market (the generators) and then re-sells it to consumers (homeowners and businesses).

How to Compare Energy Suppliers?

First, electricity is a commodity. Electricity is electricity and it’s the “same” regardless of the energy supplier that provides it to your home or business. So does it really matter which energy supplier that you use? Yes. It matters. Because each energy supplier will offer different energy plans, different energy rates, and different levels of customer service.

In the course of a year, you will pay your electricity bill 12 times. To manage your budget and electricity bill, you want to select the best energy supplier and the best energy rate – for your home or business. For a homeowner, the size of the home or the fact that you like it to 68 degrees year round will result in a higher bill. If you own a small business that manufactures widgets 24 hours a day, then your energy usage will be a major factor in the costs of doing business. Because your energy rate will determine your costs for the next 12 months, it’s very important that each business owner and homeowner conduct an annual energy audit to determine their monthly energy usage and then use available online tools and websites to compare available energy rates, and then select the right plan for their home or business.

To find the best commercial electricity supplier for your home or business, compare energy providers and energy plans before making a decision.

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