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Texas-New Mexico Power Electricity Providers

Welcome to, your trusted resource for navigating the deregulated energy market in areas serviced by Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP). As a resident or business owner in regions like Fort Stockton, Pecos, Lewisville, and more, you have the freedom to choose your electricity provider. This competitive market fosters a wide range of options, allowing you to find an electricity plan that aligns perfectly with your energy needs.

Top-Rated Electricity Providers for Texas-New Mexico Power Customers

Here are some of the most highly rated electricity providers that service customers in the Texas-New Mexico Power region:

The electricity market is dynamic, with rates and plans changing frequently. The most effective way to discover the ideal electricity plan for your home or business is by entering your zip code on our site. We’ll guide you through the comparison and switching process to ensure you secure the best available deal.

The Role of Texas-New Mexico Power

Texas-New Mexico Power is crucial in the electricity supply chain, distinct from the role of electricity providers. While providers handle customer accounts and procure electricity, TNMP is responsible for the transmission and distribution of that electricity through its network of power lines across various communities.

Responsibilities During Power Outages

In the event of a power outage, TNMP is your go-to for restoration services. Customers can report outages directly through TNMP's dedicated channels.

Regulatory Oversight

In the deregulated Texas market, although you can select your Retail Electric Provider (REP), your utility company is determined by your location. The operations and rates of Texas-New Mexico Power are regulated and approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, ensuring standards are maintained and consumers are protected.

How EnergyBot Can Help

EnergyBot simplifies the process of comparing electricity plans and rates from various providers in Texas. You can customize your search on our platform based on provider, plan features, customer ratings, term length, and more—all without any fees. After choosing a provider, you can conveniently sign up for a plan directly through EnergyBot, online or via phone.

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About Texas-New Mexico Power

Texas-New Mexico Power is a significant player in the Texas energy sector, delivering electricity to numerous communities across the state. With a robust infrastructure and a commitment to reliable service, TNMP plays a pivotal role in the daily lives of many Texans.

Contacting Texas-New Mexico Power

For service issues or to report an outage, here are the most effective ways to contact Texas-New Mexico Power:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is electricity deregulation?Electricity deregulation separates the supply of electricity from its distribution, allowing multiple retail electric providers to compete for customers, which can lead to better service and prices.

How does deregulation affect the energy market in Texas?Deregulation in Texas has encouraged competitive pricing and innovation among electricity providers, leading to a wider selection of plans and services.

Who is responsible for delivering electricity in Texas?Electricity in Texas is delivered by Transmission and Distribution Service Providers (TDSPs) like Texas-New Mexico Power, assigned based on geographic areas.

What roles do ERCOT and the PUCT play?ERCOT manages the electricity grid across Texas, ensuring reliability and efficiency, while PUCT regulates the market, including ERCOT, to ensure fair practices and consumer protection.

How can I choose the right electricity provider for me?Choosing the right provider involves comparing various factors including rates, plan features, and provider reviews. Consider your specific energy needs and utilize tools like EnergyBot for comprehensive comparisons.

TNMP Contact Information & Phone Number

Customer Service:

Call 1-888-866-7456

For Outages or Downed Power Lines: 

  • Call 1-888-866-7456 (24/7)

Email Customer Service:

Message TNMP on their website to connect with a customer service representative. 

Corporate Office

6024 Crosstown Access Rd, 

Corpus Christi, TX 78415

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