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Energy 101:

The Energy Industry

The Energy Industry is a complicated beast. And if you live in a deregulated energy market (aka competitive energy market), it’s even more complex. The good news is that if your business is in a deregulated market, you have the ability to compare energy suppliers and select the best energy plan for you.



Generators are the power plants that produce electricity using coal, nuclear, solar, wind or gas. They then sell the produced electricity to the wholesale market.



Utilities are the entities in charge of the operation and maintenance of the energy infrastructure, like wires and towers. Your local utility is responsible for transporting electricity from the generators to consumers (homeowners and businesses).



Energy suppliers are competitive energy retailers. Each supplier buys energy from the wholesale market (the generators) and then re-sells it to consumers (homeowners and businesses).

Your electricity bill:

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Your monthly electricity bill is divided into 3 basic categories:


Local Utility Costs

About 55% of your monthly electricity bill is paid to your local utility – the utility fees are fixed and you can’t change them.


Energy Supplier Costs

About 40% of your monthly bill is paid to your local energy supplier – the supplier costs are variable and you have control over them.


Taxes and Fees

About 5% of your monthly bill is paid to taxes and fees and you can’t avoid it.

You can manage your costs by selecting the best energy plan (supplier and rate) for you and managing your monthly energy usage.

The EnergyBot Promise:

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Made to Save

EnergyBot is focused on helping you find the best energy rate for your business and ultimately drop more money to your bottom line.

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Made Transparent

EnergyBot is committed to giving you the information you need to make a clear and concise decision when picking an energy plan.

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Made Simple

EnergyBot believes that energy rates should be straight-forward and published in black and white, every single day, so that it’s easy to pick the best rate.

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Made for You

EnergyBot is made for small and medium sized businesses – to help you navigate the complexities of an overly complicated industry.

The EnergyBot Rate:

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Each day, our automated EnergyBot is aggregating data from top energy suppliers and publishing the energy rates in each energy market – by zip code.

The EnergyBot Rate is the best energy rate that we can find for your business.