Columbia River PUD - Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Programs

May 21, 2009


Columbia River PUD offers a variety of loan and rebate programs to their residential customers for making energy efficient improvements to their electrically heated homes. Loans are available for ductless heat pumps, air-source and geothermal heat pumps, Marathon water heaters, and a variety of weatherization measures. Columbia River PUD also has a team of Energy Experts who can provide their residential customers with a free analysis of home energy use to identify potential energy savings opportunities. Columbia River PUD offers 6% financing to qualified residential customers for installation of approved heat pump systems. Heat pump systems must be installed by a participating heat pump dealer, and meet certain efficiency standards listed on the program website. The ductless heat pump loans are only offered through September 30th of 2009. Weatherization projects with a “net” cost (total cost minus all rebate amounts) of more than $500 are eligible for a 6% interest rate loan, with a 12 to 84 month term. Loans for “Do-it-Yourself” projects cover the cost of materials only. Loans for projects that are completed by a licensed and bonded contractor cover labor and materials. After receiving approval from the PUD, customers can apply for these loan programs at any one of three St. Helen's Community Federal Credit Union branches. Financing is also available for Marathon Water Heaters. Terms are 0% interest for 12 months, billed with the customer's electric account.

Program Overview

Implementing Sector: Utility
Category: Financial Incentive
State: Oregon
Incentive Type: Loan Program
Web Site:
Administrator: Columbia River PUD
Start Date:
Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies:
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Water Heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Building Insulation
  • Windows
  • Doors
Maximum Loan: not specified
Loan Term: Heat Pump and Weatherization Rate: (6%)
Marathon Water Heater Rate: (0%)
Repayment: Heat Pump and Weatherization (12-84 months); Marathon Water Heater (12 months)


Name: Energy Experts
Organization: Columbia River PUD
Address: PO Box 1193
St. Helens OR 97051
Phone: (503) 397-1844

This information is sourced from DSIRE; the most comprehensive source of information on incentives and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency in the United States. Established in 1995, DSIRE is operated by the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center at N.C. State University.