Renewable Energy Technology Options Program

July 14, 2021


The deadline for this program has passed, the program is no longer available. 

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority's (NYSERDA) Renewable Energy Technology Options Program provides funding for individuals and businesses to develop, demonstrate, commercialize or market renewable-energy technology products, or to improve manufacturing methods for these products. Projects involving innovative solar-electric, wind-electric, biomass or hydroelectric technologies are eligible. Eligible solar-electric technologies include photovoltaic and solar thermal-electric systems, components of these systems, and products that incorporate photovoltaics. Eligible wind-electric technologies include wind-energy conversion devices, components, and products that support wind-energy systems and power plants. Eligible biomass technologies include innovative products or components for biopower, biofuels, biochemicals or other bioproducts. Eligible hydroelectric technologies include those that increase generating capacity or improve environmental performance. Proposals may be submitted by individual companies or teams. Proposals must include a description of two stages of a project -- a Stage 1 options project and a Stage 2 development project. NYSERDA will evaluate projects in two steps. The first evaluation process will consider whether to recommend Stage 1 funding. Successful Stage 1 participants may submit a proposal for Stage 2 funding. (Only participants that have been awarded Stage 1 funding are eligible to compete for Stage 2 funding.) Projects selected for Stage 1 may be selected for Stage 2 funding up to two times. For example, if a project receives a Stage 2 award and successfully completes the award project, the participant may be eligible for another Stage 2 award depending on the results of a subsequent evaluation. Further explanation of project stages is available on the program web site. NYSERDA will fund up to $40,000 for each Stage 1 project. Maximum funding for each Stage 2 project is $250,000 per award cycle with a maximum of two Stage 2 awards. Recoupment will be required for all projects receiving Stage 2 funding. A minimum cost share of 50% is required. Total available funding for Stage 1 projects is $500,000; total available funding for Stage 2 projects is $2 million. The deadlines for Stage 1 proposals are 5:00 p.m. EST on December 13, 2005, and May 23, 2006.

Program Overview

Implementing Sector: State
Category: Financial Incentive
State: New York
Incentive Type: Industry Recruitment/Support
Web Site:
Start Date:
Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies:
  • Solar Thermal Electric
  • Solar Photovoltaics
  • Wind (All)
  • Biomass
  • Hydroelectric
  • Landfill Gas
  • Wind (Small)
  • Anaerobic Digestion
Incentive Amount: Varies
Maximum Incentive: $540,000 per project (maximum Stage 1 funding: $40,000; maximum Stage 2 funding: $250,000 per award, up to two awards)
Terms: 50% cost share required. Stage 1 proposal deadlines: 12/13/2005 and 5/23/2006


Name: Jennifer Harvey
Organization: New York State Energy Research and Developmen
Address: 17 Columbia Circle
Albany NY 12203-6399
Phone: (518) 862-1090

This information is sourced from DSIRE; the most comprehensive source of information on incentives and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency in the United States. Established in 1995, DSIRE is operated by the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center at N.C. State University.