Electric Vehicle Rebate Program

February 26, 2024


Efficiency Maine administers a rebate program that offers instant and mail-in rebates for qualifying battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) at participating dealers or through direct purchase from a manufacturer. Rebates are listed below; rebates for individuals vary based on income and rebate limits vary as well:


- New BEV: $2,000 (Any Income), $3,500 (Moderate Income), $7,500 (Low Income)

- New PHEV: $1,000 (Any Income), $2,000 (Moderate Income), $3,000 (Low Income)

- Used BEV/PHEV: $2,500 (Low Income)


- New BEV: $2,000

- New PHEV: $1,000

Governmental Entities/Tribal Governments/Select Non-Profits

- New BEV: $7,500

- New PHEV: $2,000

- Level 2 Charger: $350 

Limited-Time Incentives for Business Fleets

- New BEV: $4,500

- New PHEV: $3,500

- New BEV Cargo Van: $8,000

- New BEV Chassis Cab or Cutaway: $8,000

- Level 2 Charger: $350

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Program Overview

Implementing Sector: State
Category: Financial Incentive
State: Maine
Incentive Type: Rebate Program
Web Site: https://www.efficiencymaine.com/electric-vehicle-rebates/
Administrator: Efficiency Maine
Start Date:
Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies:
  • Passenger Electric Vehicles
  • Plug-in Electric Hybrid Vehicles
  • Level-2 Electric Vehicle Service Equipment
Incentive Amount: Battery EVs: $1,000 (individuals at any income), varies (low-to-moderate income individuals), $2,000 (businesses & organizations), $7,500 (governmental entity or tribal government, or select non-profit), $4,500 - $8,000 (limited time - business fleets)

PHEVs: $500 (individuals at any income), varies (low-moderate income individuals), $1,000 (businesses & organizations), $2,000 (governmental entity, tribal government, or select non-profit), $3,500 (limited time - business fleets)

Used BEVs/PHEVs: $2,500 (low-to-moderate income individuals)

Level 2 EVSE: $350/plug; 1 plug per rebate and 2 plugs per entity (governmental entity, tribal government, or select non-profit)


Name: Efficiency Maine
Organization: Efficiency Maine
Address: 151 Capitol Street
Augusta ME 04330
Phone: (866) 376-2463

This information is sourced from DSIRE; the most comprehensive source of information on incentives and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency in the United States. Established in 1995, DSIRE is operated by the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center at N.C. State University.