Energy Efficiency in State Facilities

July 27, 2023


State Agency Energy Efficiency Requirements

State agencies and political subdivisions of the state are required to complete or perform energy-related reviews or analyses. State agencies to which this provision applies include a board, department,commission, or authority of or acting on behalf of the state having the power to enter into contracts for the acquisition of property in its own name or in the name of the state. However, the General Assembly, the court system, the Governor, and political subdivisions of the state are excluded.

State departments purchasing energy-consuming products are required to either directly or through competitive bidding develop standards and specifications to include life cycle cost and energy efficiency criteria for those products. Contacts for public improvements or construction of a public building or renovation of an existing public building must accept at least one design proposal reflecting the lowest life cycle cost possible including existing commercially available technology.

Provisions apply in the case of public buildings or facilities in excess of 20,000 square feet which are constructed or renovated by a state agency, political subdivision of the state, school district, area education agency, or community college. Details can be found in Iowa Code Chapter 470.

A public agency may request an exemption from implementing certain aspects of an analysis for specified reasons, including the particular purpose of the facility or renovation, preservation of historical architectural features, site considerations, and health and safety concerns.

State Building Code Energy Efficiency Requirements

The State Building Code contained in Iowa Code chapter 103A is applicable to all buildings and structures owned by the state or an agency of the state, to a governmental subdivision of the state where the governing body of the subdivision has enacted an ordinance accepting the application of the code, to a city with a population exceeding 15,000 that has not adopted a local building code substantially in accordance with nationally recognized standards, and to all newly constructed buildings and structures not owned by the state but with construction costs paid for in whole or in part with state-appropriated moneys.

Program Overview

Implementing Sector: State
Category: Regulatory Policy
State: Iowa
Incentive Type: Energy Standards for Public Buildings
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Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies:
  • Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building
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Name: Iowa Code Chapter 470 Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Name: Iowa Code Chapter 103A State Building Code


Name: James Arnett, J.D.
Organization: Iowa Legislative Services Agency
Address: Iowa Legislative Services Agency State Capitol
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