Pike County - Wind Turbine Siting Standards

June 18, 2007


In May 2004 the Pike County Zoning Board approved an ordinance to expedite the process of siting wind turbines. The ordinance includes specifications regarding planning, construction, "setbacks," and height and noise requirements for wind projects. This ordinance was passed to clarify to wind energy developers Pike County's construction standards. The ordinance specifies a "setback" of three times the turbine height (the height of the tower plus the length of one blade), referred to as "3 T," from homes. However, turbines sited on a landowner's property may be as close as 1.1 T if the landowner consents. There is also a minimum setback of 1.1 T from the nearest property line. Wiring for turbines must be buried.

Program Overview

Implementing Sector: Local
Category: Regulatory Policy
State: Illinois
Incentive Type: Solar/Wind Permitting Standards
Web Site: http://www.awea.org/projects/illinois.html
Start Date:
Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies:
  • Wind (All)
  • Wind (Small)


Name: Public Information - Pike County
Organization: Pike County Chamber of Commerce
Address: 977 West Washington
Pittsfield IL 62363
Phone: (217) 285-2971
Email: info@pikeil.org

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