Is your home energy efficient?

Compare your energy usage with other similar homes in your area.

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Energy Efficiency Analysis

Why does this matter?

Homes with poor energy efficiency can use up to 40% more energy than necessary. Wasted energy usage means wasted money on your utility bills.

How to See if Your Home is Energy Efficient

Step 1:
Enter your home address (we’ll gather basic info like square footage, year built, etc.)

Step 2:
EnergyBot pulls your energy usage data from your utility.

Step 3:
See if your home is energy efficient or not.

How The EnergyBot Efficiency Comparison Works

Our energy efficiency comparison uses a variety of data points about your home and energy usage. We combine the attributes of your home like size, year built, and amenities with the amount of electricity you used in a given year to determine if your home is using more or less energy than similar homes in your area.

After you answer a few questions about your home you will be presented with your comparison. The graph will include your energy usage along with the average usage of similar properties nearby.