Electricity Bill Calculator

Determine your estimated energy bill with this electricity bill calculator

Electricity Bill Calculator

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How to calculate your electricity bill

Your electricity bill most likely has several types of charges depending on your location and energy provider. In most cases, you will see three types of charges: energy charges, “TDSP passthrough” also called delivery charges and various taxes. Energy charges are based on how much electricity you used in that period multiplied by your electricity rate. Delivery charges are set by your utility and for the most part, are out of your control. Taxes on your bill go to your city and district but are also out of your control. 

How can I lower my electric bill? 

If you are in a deregulated energy market like Texas, then you can control the energy charge portion of your bill by comparing plans selecting the best rate for your home or business. If you are a business you can potentially lower your bill by reducing your load factor. Learn more about load factor here. Lastly, everyone can reduce their electricity bill by simply using less. Improve your usage habits with this list of over 100 ways to save electricity. 

How much is an average electric bill?

Electric bills vary greatly for homes and businesses. Your location, utility, energy provider, usage, and more impact your final bill amount. If you think you might be overpaying the best thing you can do is take 2 minutes and see the lowest electric rates available to your zip code. Otherwise, read more about average electricity bills here. 

Our electricity bill calculator

Our electric bill calculator is meant to help you forecast your electric bill or energy usage for a particular device. Simply enter your energy usage information to see how much a device costs to operate or how much your electric bill will be.