Get Energy At The Wholesale Rate

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Get energy at the wholesale rate – and cut out the middleman and the hidden fees.

When it comes to buying pretty much anything – a car, furniture, shoes, or even pizza…we are all looking for the best price. Which is, of course, usually the lowest price. So we shop around…visiting online stores or stopping by traditional brick-and-mortar stores or even simply asking friends for recommendations. Eventually, we will find a price that we’re willing to pay and make the purchase. 

We all just paid retail. Regardless of what we bought or where we bought it… we all paid a ‘retailer’ some markup fee for their service.

Let’s break it down. You want to buy a new sofa – so you visit a local furniture retailer and find a great sofa for $799. It’s the right size, style and shape and the price is pretty good. You check out a few other stores and eventually find the same sofa for $749 at a different retailer. It’s the best price you can find…so you buy it. 

You probably feel pretty good about your purchase – as you feel like you just “saved” $50 on the final purchase.

Now, what if we told you that you could feel even better. What if you could skip the comparison shopping at multiple furniture retailers and go straight to the sofa manufacturer. In this case, the sofa manufacturer will sell you the same sofa for $499 - instead of $749.

Obviously, you know a deal when you see one. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to buy the sofa from the manufacturer and save another 30%!

Now you’re feeling really good about the purchase – because you just skipped the retailer and bought the sofa at the wholesale price. You successfully cut out the retailer – aka the middleman – and their respective “profit” margin and got a much better deal. The manufacturer – aka the wholesaler – was able to sell you the sofa at a price that is much closer to what it cost them to make it.

When it comes to buying an energy plan for your business, the same rules apply.

Today, most business owners buy their energy plan through a middleman – either an energy broker or a local energy retailer. In doing so, the business owner will probably pay a much higher price for using a middleman. The business will pay the wholesale price plus the middleman’s markup.

Now, what if I told you that you could get energy at the wholesale price – instead of the retail price. I assume – just like buying the sofa – you would be all in.

Introducing Wholesale Rates from EnergyBot.

At EnergyBot, we believe that energy rates should be simple and transparent. And you should be able to understand the energy rate, what you’re paying and who you’re paying.

Here is how it works. 

All energy rates start with the wholesale rate. Yet before you see the energy rate, the middleman -  the energy broker or the energy supplier – will add their fees to the wholesale energy rate – creating the retail energy rate.

For example: Let’s say the wholesale energy rate is 5.2¢ per kWh. The energy supplier or broker wants to make a .04¢ profit margin. So, they take the wholesale energy rate and bake in their margin… and then quote you the energy rate of 5.6¢ per kWh. If you buy this rate, then you just paid the retail price. And to make matters worse, you really don’t know where the wholesale rate ends and the profit margin begins.

EnergyBot is changing the game. As an innovative energy marketplace, our online platform allows us to do things differently.

With our new Wholesale Rates, we will publish the wholesale energy rate and also publish our margin – so you will always know what rate you’re paying.

Make the move to wholesale rates with EnergyBot.

Written by Team EnergyBot

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