Ways to Receive Financial Assistance With Your Electricity Bill in Texas

Struggling with utility bills in Texas? Discover programs and resources to help you manage utility costs.

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Ways to Receive Financial Assistance With Your Electricity Bill in Texas
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Financial Assistance for Utility Bills

In Texas, keeping your home powered is essential. AC anyone? For those seeking help with utility bills, there are various programs based on annual household income available to provide relief. Organizations like 2-1-1 and BakerRipley offer bill relief and energy-saving tips. Emergency help is also available through initiatives like Atmos Energy's Sharing the Warmth. For those in need of utility assistance, this guide will help you navigate the available options to reduce your utility expenses in Texas.

Utility Companies in Texas

Texans have access to various utility companies that offer resources for those with financial hardships. Southwestern Electric Power and TXU Energy are among the companies providing assistance programs like average monthly billing and the Lite-Up Texas program. The Texas Public Utility Commission has implemented measures to prevent service disconnections.

Texas also hosts utility providers like American Electric Power (AEP), which offers financial assistance, grants, and energy conservation programs. Community organizations like the Salvation Army provide utility assistance as well.

Utility Assistance Programs in Texas

The Utility Assistance Program (UAP) helps low-income families with electricity service, gas, propane, water, and wastewater bills. The low-income Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) offers grants for utility payments and invests in weatherization to reduce long-term energy costs. 

Community Action Agencies Providing Utility Assistance for Low-Income Families

Community Action Agencies (CAAs) distribute funds from programs like CEAP to families in need. They partner with utility companies and local governments to ensure low-income households have access to assistance.

Seeking Utility Assistance from Your Service Provider

If you're struggling with energy costs, contact your utility provider for assistance programs or payment plans. Gas companies in Texas also provide programs to help with bills. The 2-1-1 Texas Helpline can connect you with local partners and agencies for electricity bill assistance.

Programs and Resources from Texas Neighborhood Services

The Texas Neighborhood Services (TNS) offers support through the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) for low-income families in North Central Texas. CEAP funds are managed to meet the immediate and emergency energy needs of vulnerable populations. However, they are currently unable to accept new applicants. We recommend checking their website for updates and additional information. 

Financial Assistance Options Based on Zip Code

Financial assistance for utilities in Texas can vary by location. Use the 2-1-1 Texas website or helpline to find programs and resources based on your zip code. The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs also maintains a Utility Bill Payment Help program to find local assistance.

Electricity Deposit Waiver for Texans 65+

Several electricity providers in Texas, including BKV Energy and Direct Energy, offer electricity deposit waivers specifically for Texans who are 65 years of age or older. These plans can provide relief by eliminating the upfront cost typically required for electricity service. To take advantage of these plans, seniors simply need to verify their age with the provider. 

The availability of these plans can vary depending on the provider and location, so we recommend contacting electricity providers directly or visiting their websites to explore the options and eligibility criteria. 

The Role of Social Security Benefits in Utility Assistance

Individuals on disability receiving SSI benefits may qualify for utility bill assistance programs like the Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP). Social Security benefits can serve as part of the eligibility requirements for accessing these services.

Other Potential Financial Assistance Programs

Texans facing economic hardship can turn to their utility companies for assistance. Nonprofits like 2-1-1 and BakerRipley provide services including utility bill aid and energy conservation tips. 

Cooperative initiatives like Operation Round Up, where individuals can “round up” their monthly gas and electric bills to contribute to emergency utility assistance for others, are also available. There are multiple programs using this model, including Central Texas Electric Co-Op, CoServ, and Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative

Staying informed and reaching out to multiple resources is essential for securing the support you need to manage your utility bills in Texas. You can also use our free rate comparison tool to find low-cost electricity plans in Texas.