What is an Energy Broker

What Do Energy Brokers Do?

Energy procurement is a 1.2 billion-dollar industry, so it’s no wonder that there is no shortage in energy brokers who want to help you get the best energy rate for your business. With a complex energy market full of confusing pricing structures and various contract terms, it’s an energy broker’s job to help you make sense of it all- saving you both the time and hassle. As a busy business owner, it’s easy to blindly trust an energy broker to do all the heavy lifting. But how do you know if you are really getting the best deal? Here are a few ways that energy brokers can help your business:

Market Expertise

Most energy brokers have established relationships with various energy suppliers, which allows them to provide you with a variety of options and advise on the best choice. They also understand the fluctuations of the energy market and understand the best time to buy to ensure you are locking in the best price. Energy brokers can also advise based on your personal preferences. Maybe you want a green energy plan or prefer a 12-month contract over a 36-month contract. An experienced energy broker will help you work through all your options.

Better Pricing

This one is probably the most obvious reasons to use an energy broker- because they can secure you the most cost-effective energy plan for your business. Understanding the trends of energy prices means getting the best deal to help you save money, which can go towards other business objectives and growth opportunities. A trusted broker will give you a list of options from various suppliers and recommend the best rate, plan, and contract length.

Time Savings

Instead of spending hours scrolling through various suppliers, plans, and rates, an experienced energy broker will work on your behalf to research and negotiate with suppliers. This frees up time for you to manage your other business needs.

EnergyBot is not your traditional energy broker. Tech led and data driven, we use a purely digital platform that essentially “cuts out the middleman” along with additional fees to offer a simplified, online energy shopping process for your business.We reduce the standard 11-day energy broker process to just 5 minutes with our online marketplace. Get started saving on our business electricity today.‍

Written by Team EnergyBot

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