6 Largest Wind Farms in Texas [2023]

6 Largest Wind Farms in Texas [2023]

Learn more about the largest wind farms in Texas and upcoming wind turbine projects.

Thad Warren By Thad Warren

If you find yourself traveling through the Texas countryside, you might notice tall, white, imposing structures dotting the Lone Star plains. These wind turbines — which reach the same height as a 20-story building — make Texas the most prolific wind energy destination in the U.S.

While Texas is known for its oil, the Lone Star State actually produces 28% of all wind energy in the United States. That makes Texas the biggest wind energy producer in the U.S., and the fifth-largest contributor in the world.

Texas has a long-winded history with wind generation. It dates back to 1970 when researchers at West Texas A&M University began conducting studies on wind energy. In 1977 the Alternative Energy Institute was founded in Canyon, Texas. 

Texas Wind Farm Map

A perfect storm of factors made Texas the ideal place for these windmill farms, which include the following:

  • The wind belt: Texas is situated in a natural wind belt that generates a high volume of wind.
  • Rural areas: Texas doesn’t have to worry as much about zoning regulations or spacing issues thanks to its swaths of countryside.
  • Infrastructure: Texas has nearly 500 miles of transmission lines throughout the state to help transport electricity generated by its wind farms. 
  • Taxes: The state has a favorable tax system for energy producers so it’s more affordable for businesses to build energy farms. 
  • Bipartisan support: Both Texas’ liberal and conservative politicians endorse wind farms because of their ability to create jobs and boost the economy. The wind industry has already created more than 25,000 jobs. In fact, according to a 2017 press release from the American Wind Energy Association, wind adds jobs over 9 times faster than the overall economy.

These unique components make the great state of Texas the perfect location for America’s wind farms. In fact, the Lone Star States leads the list of the top states with the most wind capacity installed at 10.929 megawatts (MW). Learn more about the 5 biggest wind farms in Texas below. 

The 6 Biggest Wind Farms in Texas

sweetwater-windfarm (1)

1. Los Vientos Wind Farm - 912 megawatts

“Los Vientos” is Spanish for “the winds,” and that’s precisely what this wind farm is known for. While most wind farms are located in North Texas, Los Vientos is situated in South Texas’ Starr County.

Construction began on Los Vientos in 2012 and was completed in August 2016. This plant features 400 turbines and generates enough power for 120,000 homes while supplying energy to cities like Garland, Greenville, and Bryan. 

Fun fact: Los Vientos wind energy also supplies energy to the Mars candy company. 

2. Roscoe Wind Farm - 781.5 megawatts

Roscoe Wind Farm is located outside Abilene, Texas, but it sprawls across four counties and 100,000 acres of cotton country. Owned by German company RWE Renewables, Roscoe opened in 2009 and was the largest wind farm in the world at that time. The wind farm uses 627 turbines with an installed capacity of 781.5 MW to generate enough power for over 260,000 homes, making it one of the biggest wind farms in Texas.

3. Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center - 735.5 megwatts

Completed in 2006, Horse Hollow spans 47,000 acres across Taylor and Nolan Counties in Texas. At the time, Horse Hollow was considered the largest wind farm in the world with 421 turbines. 

However, that’s not what made Horse Hollow famous. It has the infamous distinction of the world’s first nuisance lawsuits over wind farms. Residents complained about the appearance and noise of the Horse Hollow turbines, but judges sided with the wind farm in each lawsuit. 

4. Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm - 662.5 megawatts

Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm sprawls between Coke and Sterling Counties. First started in 2008, this was the first wind farm in the U.S. to fund the project with carbon offsets, which involves reducing carbon dioxide emissions or other greenhouse gases sa compensation for emissions made elsewhere. Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm provides enough energy for 220,000 homes, preventing over 160,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions

5. Sweetwater Wind Farm - 585.3

Based in Nolan County, Texas, the Sweetwater Wind Farm started operating in 2007. Construction on the farm actually started in 2003, making Sweetwater one of the oldest wind farms in the US. 

Boasting 392 turbines manufactured by GE Energy, Siemens, and Mitsubishi, stretching over 144 square miles of West Texas, Sweetwater was the biggest wind farm in Texas — and in the world — when it was built. This paved the way for larger, more innovative wind farms across the Texas landscape. Today, this 585.3-megawatt wind farm supplies energy to Austin and San Antonio.

6. Buffalo Gap Wind Farm - 523 megawatts


The Buffalo Gap Wind Farm is located just south of Abilene in Nolan and Taylor counties. The project was commissioned in 2006 and was completed in September of 2008. 

The electricity generated by the Buffalo Gap Wind Farm is sold to Direct Energy, which has a 15-year purchase agreement. 

Other Wind Farm Initiatives in Texas

  • As of January, 2020, Duke Energy Renewables confirmed that the Mesteño Wind Farm project in Starr County was operating as the company’s fourth wind facility in Starr County with an installed capacity of 201.6 MW. 
  • The 450-MW Lonesome Wind Farm which was a $720 million project started operations in December 2019, thus initiating its projected annual contribution of 1.9 million MWh. 
  • The wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) received a one-year extension through the end of 2020 and restored it from 40% to 60% of the 2.5 cents per kWh value which will empower ongoing wind energy growth in Texas and across the U.S. 

The Biggest Wind Farms In Texas Might Power Your Home Soon

The Lone Star State isn’t known just for its vast oil fields; it’s the site of the modern energy revolution. Texas produced 28% of all wind energy in the US in 2019 — a number that’s projected to grow even more as we build more turbines and perfect the technology. While non-renewable energy like coal is still big in the U.S., it’s clear that renewables have a very bright future. 

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