The 9 Best Energy Efficient Refrigerators

The 9 Best Energy Efficient Refrigerators

Energy-efficient refrigerators that will reduce your electric bill.

Thad Warren By Thad Warren

Refrigerators, nearly 100% of Americans have one in their home. EnergyBot put a list together of energy-efficient selections of the top three searched designs. The top three searched fridge types are French Door, Side by Side, and Top Freezer, in descending order. Within each type we offer a Most Efficient, Best Overall, and Best Budget. We also limited the size of the fridge between 20 to 28 cubic feet of interior space which is the average size range of fridges across America.

Lastly, every item on this list is Energy Star certified. 

Here are some of the key attributes we considered:

- Design Type

- Energy Efficiency

- Energy Star Rating

- Customer Rating

- Price

Energy Efficiency

Compared to many other appliance lists we have created here at EnergyBot, refrigerators are more straightforward in understanding their efficiency ratings. Fridges don't have their own acronym, instead, it's simply energy consumption per year (kWh/yr). This is because the appliance itself is simpler. Compared to other appliances like AC units, microwaves, or washing machines, refrigerators are simply just on 24/7. There are fewer variables that can change the amount of energy usage. That's not to say the energy consumption can't differ, it definitely does. 

When comparing models consider efficiencies lower than the US Federal Standard for that type and size. Smaller units will use less energy so before assuming it's more efficient, make sure you are comparing the same sizes as well.

Take a look at "Other Ways to Save Energy".

Other Ways to Save Energy

Like we said before, there aren't many variables to change the energy usage with a refrigerator, but there are a few so keep reading on. 

How much you open the door.

In the summers as a kid, I'd sneak over to the fridge to stand in front of it with the door open. If you're standing there with the door open trying to figure out what you want for a snack, or to cool off, that is a simple way to waste energy. Only open the door when you need to. 

Don't over-pack your fridge

The more stuff in your fridge, the harder it will need to work to keep everything cool. So how do you know if your fridge is too crowded? In an article about food safety, the FDA explains that it's important to have air circulation around your items as well as maintaining a temperature at or below 40deg F (4 deg C), and the freezer is at 0 deg F (-18 deg C).

Room temperature 

A refrigerator is just moving heat from one space to another. It's moving heat from inside the fridge to outside the fridge. Though the walls of your fridge are well insulated and could keep your food cool for hours without electricity if the doors are kept closed, no fridge is able to keep 100% of the heat out. If the fridge is in your kitchen you're probably fine; however, if you have a fridge in your garage, a space that gets hot with the summers it will use significantly more energy to keep cool. 

French Door

The French Door design fridge is where the refrigerator section opens like french doors, with the freezer at the bottom. It is the most searched for two reasons: it tends to be the largest interior space option, and it’s ease of freezer use at the bottom, rather than the top.

Most Efficient


For our most searched fridge configuration and most efficient option we have a high-end brand, Dacor. It has an advanced Energy Star rating of “Most Efficient” Product of 2022. If you have the money to spend on aesthetics and most efficient operation then this is it. This model has a stainless steel design that continues to the interior side of the doors, organization flexibility with the interior shelves and drawers, and dual ice-makers with cocktail ice. Fancy Schmancy.


Best Overall


Though it would be nice to buy all of the fanciest appliances, we understand that just isn’t an option for all of us. For Best Overall, we have a solid Samsung model. While French Doors are the most search fridge design option, Samsung is the most search fridge brand as of 2022. It makes sense to find a Samsung suggestion here. 

This model has Twin Cooling Plus technology, EZ-Open Handle, and a door alarm to alert you when it’s been left open too long (to save even more energy).


Best Budget


For the Best Budget option, check out LG. Though getting the fancy french door options still has its price tag, LG provides more affordable options without cheaping out on quality and efficiency. Just look at the reviews! Thousands of people have bought and liked this fridge. 

Side by side

A side-by-side fridge also has french doors; however, the refrigerator is on one side and the freezer is on the other. Though all of these models are Energy Star rated, it should be noted that there are no “Most Efficient” rated refrigerators with this design. 

Most Efficient


Forno is actually known for its ovens; however, through their mission of bringing “style, function, and quality to the home at a fraction of the high-end brand’s price” they have created a highly efficient side-by-side refrigerator. Their style is based on an honored tradition of Italian cooking and looks to bring you durability and reliability. 


Best Overall


Best Overall again is a Samsung branded fridge. Comparable in price to the french door style, it also is highly rated by thousands of customers. We are beginning to see why this is also the most searched refrigerator brand. You get all the latest features that are expected in a fridge in 2022 including adjustable shelves, door alarm, and a clean modern trend.


Best Budget


Just because you don’t want to break the bank with a new purchase doesn’t mean you need to skip on quality. Frigidaire makes this list. Frigidaire is known as being one of the most reliable and affordable refrigerator manufacturers. They are American-made and were started in Indiana in 1918, over 100 years ago. Competing closely with GE, Frigidaire is a great choice in refrigerators. Check out this model we selected.

Top Freezer

Top Freezer refrigerators are the most common design fridges and have been around the longest. Simply put, this arrangement is when you have the freezer on the top and the refrigerator below it. If you are looking to save money, then this design tends to be most economical. 

Most Energy Efficient


For 2022, Kenmore crafted an ice box that has been rated “Most Efficient” by Energy Star. This appliance you can even purchase on Amazon. Often the Most Efficient appliance also tends to be the most expensive. Not in this case! Check out the reviews and price. It is cheaper than most of the other design style fridges. Within the comments, a handle of people are saying they are purchasing another Kenmore because their previous one lasted for so long. 


Best Overall


This Whirlpool fridge has also been rated “Most Efficient” product for 2022 by Energy Star. We will be honest, it was a real toss up between our Best Overall and our Most Efficient products for this list. This Whirlpool model has been highly rated along with a price that’s hard to beat. So check out both the Kenmore and the Whirlpool, it’ll have to come down to the personal details on which one is better for you. It was hard enough for us to decide for this list. 


Best Budget


LG is back for the Best Budget option! With all your basic features, Energy Star rating, great reviews, and three color options Black, White, and Stainless Steel, this is a great way to round out this list. If you’re not looking for anything fancy schmancy, but want to save money on your purchase and your bills, LG has you covered.