The 6 Best Energy-Efficient Ranges for Your Home

The 6 Best Energy-Efficient Ranges for Your Home

Find the right induction, electric, or gas range for your eco-friendly home.

Thad Warren By Thad Warren

When shopping for an energy-efficient appliance many look for Energy Star data. But, you won't find Energy Star data for stoves, ovens, or ranges.

Why not? The most likely reason is that for the most part, most stoves all use about the same amount of power. But not all types of stoves are made equally.

Which Types of Ranges are the Most Efficient?

There are three types of ranges. Each works differently, causing their heat to work more (or less) efficiently. Induction stoves are the most efficient followed by electric and gas stoves.

  • Induction Stoves (84% efficient)
  • Electric Stoves (74% efficient)
  • Gas Stoves (40%)

What does efficiency mean in this case? There are several tests that try to answer this. One of the simplest is the American Society of Testing and Materials test.

It measures efficiency by heating 20 pounds of water in a pot from 70° to 200°. The less energy a stove consumes, the more efficient it is.

Enough with the technical mumbo jumbo. Here are the best energy-efficient ranges for your home.

Note: Most of the models we discuss are available in different sizes to fit your application.  

Best Overall Induction Range


If you are looking for a stylish range with tons of features the Café Pro Range has it all. You can control it from your smartphone and it even has an oven camera. 

Better yet, Café also makes an over-the-range microwave with more helpful features. You can browse recipes and even watch cooking videos on your microwave while you cook on your range. 

Best Budget Induction Range


Frigidaire has made a name for itself by making budget-friendly appliances that don’t break the bank. This 30” induction range is no different. It may not have all the features that the Café has, but it does everything you would expect.

We also really like that this unit comes with a built-in air fryer. While you can use the air fryer without attachments, there is also a ReadyCook Air Fry Tray accessory.

Best Overall Electric Range


This electric range with a double oven makes cooking for your family faster and easier. This range was designed with the family in mind. Its Frozen Bake Technology allows you to skip preheating when cooking common items like pizza, lasagna, and pies.

We also like the AquaLift self-cleaning system that steam cleans the oven in about 50 minutes without any harmful chemicals.

Best Budget Electric Range


Our budget pick for the best budget electric range is the Samsung NE63A6311SS. While it doesn’t have the double oven like our best overall pick, it has many nice features. Notably, WiFi and voice capabilities allow you to control the oven with your smartphone.

Best Overall Gas Range


While gas ranges are not as efficient as induction or electric many people prefer gas for cooking. So if you fancy yourself a home chef and want a super high-quality gas range, the Kucht Pro-Style is a great option. 

Not only is it functional, it has a unique style that will make it the focal point of your kitchen. It’s available in a number of color combos to match your home’s style. 

Best Budget Gas Range



This 30in GE gas range is a workhorse. It doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles. It’s a plain jane simple oven that you can count on every day. With over 11,000 5-star reviews from Home Depot, it’s safe to say that this range is tried and tested.

What to Consider When Buying a Range

Ranges and ovens can be a big ticket item. Not to mention, it’s something you will likely live with for the next several years. So, before buying your next range you should think about these 4 things: 

Heating type

There are 3 types of ranges: electric, induction, and gas. Induction is the most efficient followed by electric then gas. If your goal is to be eco-friendly, induction is the way to go. But, if you fancy yourself a home chef you may want gas so that you can better control heat. 

You also need to make sure that your home has the right connections for whichever type you choose. Some homes may not have gas hookups. Make sure you double-check before buying.


If you are cooking for a large family you may want more burners and a double oven. If you are cooking for one or two a single oven and 4 burners may be plenty. Whatever the case think about how you will use your range. Then choose the configuration that best caters to your cooking habits. 


This can be a little tricky. Size refers to two things. The size range for your cooking habits, and the size that will fit your kitchen’s cabinetry. There are a few standard widths and most ranges are counter depth, aka 25-26”. 

  • Small: 20” - 24” wide, 24” - 26” deep, 34” - 36” tall
  • Standard: 30” wide, 25” - 28” deep, 34” - 36” tall
  • Professional: 36” - 48” wide, 26” - 31” deep, 34” - 36” tall


It seems like every appliance now has WiFi and smart home features. Ranges are no different. Many models have voice and smartphone capabilities. If you don’t use these features you can likely find a model without them to save a few bucks on the price. 

If you do use these features try downloading the app before you buy to see how you like it.