5 Energy Saving Tips for Hotels and Motels

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Hospitality is a multi-billion dollar industry. Specifically, hotels and motels have thousands of guests per year, with electricity averaging up to 60% of their costs. This keeps energy conservation top of mind when thinking of ways to cut costs and save money.

Many hotels and motels are already taking advantage of energy conservation by implementing cost-effective methods to help address high electricity costs. Some of these methods include:


Heating and cooling make up a significant percentage of energy consumption. HVAC systems that can be easily programmed to run at different capacities based on the time of day can keep hotel guest comfortable while better optimizing use.

Kitchen Equipment

Most hotels have restaurant- grade kitchens to service its many guests. Use of kitchen equipment can be a major energy source, with refrigeration the most prominent. Making sure appliances are shut off or unplugged when not in use make a difference.

Office Equipment

Similar to kitchen equipment, encouraging staff to shut off or unplug any unused office equipment. Leveraging Energy Star-rated equipment such as energy efficient computers, copiers, and phone systems can keep employees productive while consuming less.


When a hotel room is cleaned, have the staff cut off lights, reduce the temperature, and close blinds/curtains. Once the guest returns, they can adjust it to their level of comfortability.

Pools and Hot Tubs

Pools and hot tubs can consume a large amount of energy. Look into using smaller, more energy efficient pumps.  You can also reduce the time and speed of your current pump without compromising filtration. During off-season months, turn off the filtration system, cleaner, and lighting to maximize efficiency.

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Written by Team EnergyBot

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