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EnergyBot makes energy simple for your business. Through a simple and transparent experience, our expert team will help you find the best energy plan for your business.

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Customized product and pricing solutions.

Expert enterprise team and customer support.

Partnerships with industry leading energy suppliers.

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The average business saves over 15% on annual electricity costs with EnergyBot Guaranteed Rates.


Industry leading energy suppliers on the EnergyBot platform.


EnergyBot is a fully licensed energy broker in 12 states.

Licensed Energy Broker

EnergyBot is a holding of Blitz Ventures, Inc. "Blitz Ventures dba EnergyBot" is a licensed energy broker and can operate in the following states:


Connecticut - Illinois - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - New Hampshire
New Jersey - New York - Ohio - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - Texas

Natural Gas

Arkansas - California - Connecticut - Delaware - Georgia - Illinois - Indiana - Kentucky
Maryland - Michigan - New York - Ohio - North Carolina - Rhode Island - South Carolina
Tennessee - West Virginia

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