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No! That’s why we’re here. EnergyBot’s technology reviews and compares 100s of electricity plans within seconds to select the best one for you. Once we’ve found your new plan, we take care of the enrollment on your behalf.

Some electricity providers change their rates and plans daily, and many enticing plans aren’t as great as they appear. By allowing EnergyBot to choose your plan, we are able to act quickly before the plan we found vanishes! Rest assured we’ve looked at all the fine print before enrolling you onto your new plan.

If we select a plan with an electricity provider you’re not happy with, let us know within 24 hours and we will stop your enrollment with that provider.

It sure does! All TDU delivery charges as well as other plan fees are already included in the estimate.

Absolutely! You can cancel at any time with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. There are no membership fees or cancellation fees with EnergyBot.

Yes, you can cancel your contract with a retail electricity provider at any time for any reason.

Here are some common circumstances for cancellation:

  • If you have just enrolled in a contract with a new provider, there is a 3 day recission period in which you can cancel without penalty.

  • Please note, there is no recission period for “Move-In Enrollments” where new service has been established for a customer at the location. If you cancel a move-in contract, you are subject to terms and run the risk of losing power until you switch to a new provider.

  • If you are moving to a new location, you can cancel the electricity contract for your current location at any time without penalty so long as you provide the proper documentation. You do not have to transfer that service to your new location.

If you cancel for any other reason, you are just subject to the specific terms and conditions of the contract, which may include an early termination fee. As long as you pay the fee or provide the documentation required to satisfy the terms, there is no penalty for cancelling a contract.

It depends on what rates the current market is offering.

Electricity contract term lengths vary and can be as short as 3 months or as long as 3 years. Most often the contract terms we select are between 6 and 12 months. Once we learn more about your usage behavior, we may also enroll you into a 24- to 36-month plan if this plan is showing to be the lowest rate at that moment in time, and too good to be left alone!

If you’re concerned about moving out of your home before your contract term expires, there’s no need to be. You can often transfer your current electricity plan to your new address. Early termination fees do not apply when you move out of your home to a new address. We do, however, need you to call us so we can handle the process on your behalf.

The EnergyBot Savings Calculator is a proprietary forecasting tool, free to use, that creates a 12-month electricity usage forecast for your home. Based on that data, the Savings Calculator matches your projected usage to the market rates available on that day to calculate an estimated “best” annual cost. EnergyBot compares that annual cost to what the average Texan is paying for electricity, and then calculates your estimated annual savings.

The Savings Calculator tool provides a directional estimate of your cost. Once you become a member, EnergyBot will be able to refine its search using your actual electricity usage, so forecasting and savings estimates become even more accurate.

We sure do! We know when your electricity contract ends and save you time by handling the plan renewal for you. Rest assured we’re always keeping an eye on the market to find your next great plan. Our strategy is to compare the renewal offer from your current provider against other plans in the market to place you on the best option.

You don’t have to do a thing. When EnergyBot enrolls you with your new electricity supplier, your current supplier contract will automatically end so there will be a seamless switch to your new supplier.

No individual can clearly analyze the hundreds of available electricity plans available and determine the right one for you faster than EnergyBot. EnergyBot’s proprietary technology is designed to scan hundreds of available plans, taking into account the plan details such as rate and any other hidden fees to look for the best plan for your home’s unique electricity usage profile.

EnergyBot does the “Apples-to-Apples” comparison of rate plans before selecting one for you. Other electricity rate comparison sites only do half the job. They show you offers from suppliers but they don’t give you a sense of what the real “effective” rate will be for your home.

Once you’ve selected your start date, EnergyBot will select a plan and enroll you as part of the signup process.

In the case of switching service providers, once the enrollment has been scheduled, EnergyBot manages the rest! Your old and new provider will be in communication with one another to complete the transfer of service, and service with the old provider will be cancelled with no effort on your part. Your old provider will send you a final bill for any pro-rated amount that is due.

Your EnergyBot membership is 100% free. You will pay your electric bill through your new supplier.

When joining EnergyBot, please select your new electricity plan start date within the 14-day grace period prior to your current contract end date to avoid an early termination fee (ETF) from your current provider.

Unfortunately, EnergyBot does not have access to your current contract and does not pay your ETF.

If we select a plan with an electricity provider you’re not happy with, let us know within 24 hours and we will stop your enrollment with that provider.

EnergyBot does have a comparison site to serve businesses. Click here to compare business rates.

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