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Uncover the hidden factors behind your rate.*

  • Discover what determines your rate
  • Learn how to improve your score
  • Receive better pricing

*EnergyScore is calculated based on the 19 factors that suppliers use to determine your energy rate. As pricing models vary between suppliers, they will not consider your EnergyScore when determining your energy rate if you opt to negotiate pricing. EnergyScore is simply our way of helping you understand how you are seen by suppliers.

EnergyBot aims to keeps you out of the dark.

Finally understand why your energy bill is so high.

Always up to date

Unlike your credit score, your EnergyScore is updated in real time and will always accurately reflect your current status as an energy customer.

EnergyScore factors

View the positive and negative factors that impact your EnergyScore. Knowing these factors will help save you time, decrease overall frustration and put more money back in your pocket.

Rate monitoring and alerts

Since we're constantly monitoring the energy market, we know exactly how and when to help you save money. Sign up for rate alerts on our dashboard and we'll notify you when we are able to get you a lower energy rate.