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Five Ways to Re-Energize Your Mind – And Your Business

3 Minutes

With daylight savings time in full effect, you may find yourself lacking in the motivation department, feeling a bit sluggish or even overwhelmed as you face your next business challenge.

If you’re dreading the fact that “winter is coming” or simply dragging this afternoon due to that foot-long sandwich with all the fixin’s, we know how you feel. So we asked the EnergyBot team to turn up the energy with a quick brainstorm to share five simple ways to re-energize your spirit animal – and channel those vibes back into your business.

And just one important note:  According to Psychology Today, a key component to taking an effective work break is establishing psychological detachment, which basically refers to mentally disengaging from work thoughts.

Take a quick trip. Virtually that is.  Peruse some of the coolest places to live like a local on AirBnB or VRBO.  Imagine yourself in that city for the week, on vacation, at the theatre, shopping a local farmers market, or skiing the slopes. While you may have to refresh your browser to return to reality, you have allowed your mind to roam freely and let in some creative visualization. Return to work feeling refreshed.

Let a song inspire you.  The podcast “Song Exploder,” has a little something for everyone. Host Hrishikesh Hirway interviews musicians of all types of music, as they relay the story behind their songs. The show reveals some real ah-ha moments, might make you laugh, could make you cry, but mostly just leaves you feeling really inspired by someone else’s creative process.

Listen to a TED talk. Find yourself a little stuck? Go to and search for a topic that will help you to get unstuck.  Listen to one that takes you away from your life on land, such as oceanographer David Gallo’s “Underwater Astonishments,” or see how someone else became unstuck with “Taking Imagination Seriously,” by artist Janet Echelman. Find a good place to sit, or take a walk, and let someone else inspire you on your break.  

Read a chapter. Transport yourself to another world, mindset or keep the company of others with a 15-minute dive into one chapter of a good book. The subject matter switch will help clear your mind and force you to shift gears because when you read, you can’t think about anything else. Your mind processes this one action only.  Some studies suggest that as little as a six-minute read is enough to slow down your heart rate and reduce stress.

Take a walk.  Yes, this is one of the oldest tricks in the book – but it sure does work. Get out of your office or work setting, take a walk and observe the things around you. Take a deep breath and just… be in the moment. A walk is proven to naturally boost your mood, relieve stress and is literally the easiest and simplest way to feel re-energized.

We hope these re-energizing tips give you a little extra energy when you need it.

Written by Team EnergyBot

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