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Introducing Quick Price. 

Shopping for energy rates can be a headache – to say the very least.  It’s a real challenge for a business to find accurate energy rate information. And if you are a business owner with energy costs over $500 per month, it can take a week or two to get an energy quote from an energy supplier or broker. 

What if it took just seconds?

Introducing Quick Price – our new online tool that you can use right now to get a quick estimate of energy rates for your business. It’s immediate. It’s free. And it’s online.

In other words, Quick Price is an instantaneous snapshot of energy rates offered in your area – if you signed up for a specific energy plan today. Considering that energy rates change every day – Quick Price is your new best friend when it’s time to renew your plan or switch to a new supplier.

We know you’re smart. And we’re building the smartest platform in the industry – to help you be even smarter. With accurate rate knowledge, you can use Quick Price to compare your current rate with today’s rates and then identify the right time to make the switch to a better rate or supplier.

How Quick Price works.

The EnergyBot platform crunches and analyzes thousands of data points – including real time energy rates, commercial energy usage, zip codes, historic data and available energy plans – in just seconds. 

Because we know every business is short on time, we built Quick Price to be, well, quick. 

At, simply enter your zip code here, and the amount of your average monthly bill, and in a nanosecond, Quick Price immediately provides you with today’s rates for your business – based on different contract terms.  

Now you’re thinking, this is almost too easy.

We believe the energy industry is just way too complicated – and we’re here to simplify it. Which is why we are building innovative and informative tools like Quick Price. You need an energy plan and so rates should be published for you to compare. And it should be easy.

The industry currently provides custom energy rates for every business – based on a mind-boggling number of factors to reduce risk for the energy suppliers. To get a custom energy rate, you have to call an energy supplier or use an energy broker – or you can come into the light and start using EnergyBot.

Get smarter about energy.

Energy rates change every day. And even thought your energy plan may not renew for 6 months or even a year…it makes sense for every business to take the time to get a little smarter about energy. With your Quick Price estimate, we also recommend getting the EnergyScore™ for your business. EnergyScore is our proprietary tool that breaks down the 19 hidden factors that suppliers use to provide a quote to your business. EnergyScore is like your credit score – the higher the score, the lower your rate and the lower your score, the higher your rate. Based on these factors, your energy rate may be significantly higher than the going rate – and EnergyScore gives you the 411 on what to do about it. 

Quick Price and EnergyScore is just the beginning. EnergyBot will be launching new tools to help you make smarter energy decisions for your business. 

Written by Team EnergyBot

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