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Is Your Small Business Prepared

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Sometimes things happen that you just can’t plan for. Whether it be a flood that damages your servers or a winter storm that causes a major blackout, these catastrophes can be devastating to your business if you don’t have a plan. According to, an estimated 25% of businesses never re-open their doors after a major disaster. While you can’t prevent these disasters from happening, here are a few ways to mitigate the unknown and get as prepared as possible.

Conduct a Prepared Assessment

Preparation is key in your business successfully surviving a disaster. Have a written plan that lays out what steps to take in case of an emergency and share it with your employees. This plan should include things like emergency contacts, responsibilities, and a communications process for suppliers and customers. has great resources, tools, and tips for creating an emergency plan.

Make Safety a Priority

Things can be replaced, but people can’t. Having the right safety equipment like fire extinguishers and first aid kits can ensure both that your employees and customers are safe in the event of an emergency. Also, be cautious of gas or water leaks that can result from a natural disaster. Know where the main valves are located and how to shut them off.

Create an Evacuation Route

Ensure people know where to escape to get to safety. Clearly marked evacuation routes are important. Conduct periodic drills so people know where to go if the building needs to be evacuated. Make sure evacuation routes account for any employees or customers with special needs.

Have Business Continuity Process

Having an online cloud-based hosting or tools where employees can work remotely is helpful to not only keep things running, but to ensure that your company’s data is protected. Any office servers, documents, or records should keep soft copies in case the hard copies are destroyed.

Have a Backup for Blackouts

Most natural disasters can result in power outages. Battery-powered backup systems in place for things such as servers, smoke alarms, and lighting is important. With a generator, you can continue to safely run your business. It’s important to test your generator periodically to ensure it’s in optimal condition. Surge protectors are also an inexpensive way to protect your equipment from a sudden change in electrical power.

Preparing for an emergency in your small business can not only help keep employees and customers safe, it can also help keep profit losses down. At Energybot, we help support small business owners by offering simple a simple and transparent platform to find the best energy plan, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Written by Team EnergyBot

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