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5 Tips to Power Your Business in 2019

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The new year always provides a fresh opportunity for business improvement. Whether you’re currently enjoying success or facing a few challenges in your small business, it is crucial for you to stay ahead of the game. Here are six tips that will help your business stay “powered up” in 2019.

Ideate to Innovate

In the world of business, what’s popular now can be forgotten tomorrow. Small businesses are in a prime position to innovate because you can execute and pivot ideas more quickly than larger businesses. The decrease in hurdles can help you fast track the process from creative thinking to implementation. Continuously leveraging market research and trends in your industry is the best way to innovate. The website Coggle offers free mind-mapping software than can help you organize your ideas and bring them to life.

Dare to go Digital

Social media networks and platforms have changed the way businesses are able to connect with consumers. It’s no longer a “nice to have”, but a must have for any business. Understanding which social channels your customers use to interact will give you the opportunity to engage with them, drive awareness to your brand, and facilitate thought leadership. Social Media management platforms such as Hootsuite allow you to schedule content across multiple channels at a reasonable price.

Don’t X out the CX

Small business owners have the advantage of knowing their customers on a more personal level than larger companies. Loyal customers are essentially the bread and butter for small business owners. It’s the small things that can make a big difference. Personalized touches such as hand-written thank you cards, referral programs, and face-to-face conversations allow you to build authentic relationships. Companies like FriendBuy offer referral marketing to convert your customers into brand advocates.

Master the Online Marketplace

The primary thing that keeps small businesses running is cash flow. It’s important to be as lean and efficient as possible with spending to ensure your business generates profits. Taking advantage of online marketplaces such as EnergyBot and Lendio are a great way to aggregate options for your business and select the best choice. So, whether you’re searching for the best rate on an energy plan or a business loan, online marketplaces not only save you time, but also money.

Delegate and Dominate

The easiest way for a business owner to become burnt out is by trying to do everything. The problem that comes with doing everything is that you become stretched, making it hard to do all those tasks well. Focusing on your strengths, while delegating other tasks helps you to work smarter (not harder) so that you can truly dominate your business. Fiverr is a great website that allows you to freelance various tasks at a reasonable price.Every small business needs that occasional “boost” to guarantee growth and longevity. In 2019, feel “empowered” to take the important steps necessary towards business survival, sustainability, and success.

Written by Team EnergyBot

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