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5 Effective Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

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Springtime for most is more than an extra hour of sunlight- it’s a time to clean, organize and regroup. But this overhaul doesn’t just apply to your personal life, it can apply to your business life as well. From finances to functionality, it may be time to pull out the broom to sweep away any business processes or practices that are no longer effective. Here are 5 ways to “spring clean” your business:

Look at your Books

Review your prior-year financial results and compare it to your current budget. Are there any expenses that can be reduced or cut completely? Basic expenses like office supplies, advertising, and even utilities are a good place to start. For example, if you’re in a contract with your local electricity supplier checking to see when it expires allows you to shop for a lower rate which can significantly impact your monthly bill. Our online marketplace EnergyBot helps you to find the best energy plan in your area and lock in a lower long-term rate.

Go Paperless

It’s so easy to hold on to paper documents for one reason or another. While some documents may be important, most can probably be thrown away. For those important documents, especially those with confidential and/or sensitive data, it’s best to scan these documents and save them to your computer (preferably a cloud system). Make a habit of keeping soft copies- it not only makes things easier to find, you are also helping the environment.

Empty your Inbox

Keeping up with a large volume of email can be a daunting task. A growing inbox makes it easy to miss important emails. Create folders to help better organize your incoming mail. You can also automate this process and have certain emails automatically filed away. Also unsubscribe/unfollow any accounts that aren’t adding any value. This will help you focus on the emails that are most important.

Conduct an Energy Audit

The seasonal shift is a perfect time to conduct an energy audit.  It’s a great way to shed light on how much energy your business uses each day, and pinpoint areas where you can improve energy efficiency. A few simple changes such as checking your equipment performance, changing your light bulbs, and insulating your office space can save you between 5-30% on your electricity bill according to

Minimize Meetings

While meetings can be important, they often prove to be ineffective when they are excessive and keep you from focusing on other tasks and priorities. Review your calendar to see if there are any meetings that would better serve as an update via email. Removing unnecessary meetings from your calendar can help you get back time to focus on productivity.

The purpose of spring cleaning is help you simplify. At EnergyBot, that’s what we’re all about. Our transparent energy marketplace enables businesses to shop for an energy plan with ease by finding the best rates in your area. Let us do the work for you.

Written by Team EnergyBot

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